Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 24, 2007

Christianity as Absolutism (Posted Sept 07)

Yesterday’s Gospel spoke of us as Christians not being able to serve 2 masters. Everything that we do should be for the glory of God. Christianity is not a cafeteria religion. You can not accept certain things to be true, and not accept the rest. What does that mean? For example, you can not believe in the Trinity, and not in the Paschal Mystery and call yourself a Christian. As you know in Logic, if Christianity is True, and one thing is false, then the whole thing is false. You have to accept EVERY TEACHING THAT CHRISTIANITY HAS DEFINED (i.e. Catholicism under the guidance of the Pope and the Bishops in union with him). To not accept these teachings is just like being at a Cafeteria, just to pick and choose things. But that’s the problem, everything is given to you at once in Catholic Christianity, and if you don’t accept them, you’re not accepting the whole thing. People try to water down the teachings of the Church for their own benefit, and don’t look at it in terms of it being black or white. It’s either this or that, not both. Something that I am stressing is the fact that in my classes the faith is something to be taken seriously! I stress the points that it’s NOT gray, but very clear in what the Church teaches. Forgive me for being honest with what I have to say, and for sticking to the teachings of the Church. I am being chastised by both parents and students for teaching the TRUTH about the Church. (Again, I have already expressed these feelings to those that need to know this). Christianity is an absolute it either is, or it is not. You can not serve 2 masters and be a Christian, Amen!


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