Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

A reflection on Lent (written for the Lenten period)

It’s lent, I know that, you know that you’re supposed to give something up for lent. There are times when i feel that is’almost mechanical to give something up. We’ve been taught to do this our entire lives, It’s kind of negative approach to lent, but it’s been something that we’ve all done, for example, giving up candy, chocolate, or something like that…I think i’m in a point in my personal spirituality where doing that isn’t working for me. So guess what I’m not giving up anything for lent….(Hold on i’ll explain)
I see lent as a chance to renew ourselves, look at our lives, and see where we’ve done Christ wrong, and where we can improve on ourselves, spiritually through our actions, or through our prayers. I know that for myself that I wanted to make a commitment to going to Daily Mass. And that I’ve been slacking on that commitment to myself. So that’s what I’m doing, making that commitment to myself a much bigger thing, and working to do more, instead of taking things away. I know that for myself, that we can always do better, we’ll never be perfect, but there’s always something that can be improved on for ourself, and it’s not just that we do it only during lent, we take our commitments or things, we apply it to the rest of our lives after lent. It’s like going back to doing the bare minimum to get by. It’s nice, it works and all, but you can always do more. WIth yourself, with others, and most importantly for others.
So I challenge you during this lenten season, NOT to give something up, but to GIVE SOMETHING MORE to your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, friends, family, or just that random person on the street. It’s great to give money to the poor, but take that a step further, and create conversation with them, get to know them, be a light to them, you know you can be their only light.


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