Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

Be A Child (Written 1-15-07)

So often times we as adults get so worried about the littlest of details. For example, all of you know me to be very particular about everything. When will we be doing something? What time will it be? I’m sure you’ve heard me nit pick about much worse, lol. In St. Matthew 18:1-5, Jesus says in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must be like Children. Although more properly it should be said that we must be converted, be humbled like the child. Now does this mean that we need to whine about everything, not at all. When we are children, we have complete dependence on our parents for things. We don’t worry about everything, there’s this sort of care free attitude towards everything. I was on retreat this weekend. Often times I forget that the dependence of a child, is how our relationship should be with God. Now does that mean that we won’t have responsibilities? Of course not. We’ll still have resposibilities as adults, cleaning, all of that. But always remember to be like children, Depend on God and worry not about everything. When it comes to things in life, God will provide. (Of course it goes without saying that you have your part to do).
Always remember it’s okay to be like a Child, have fun, all these things came back to me this weekend, and I am so energized to teach everything that I learned to everyone.
(Having ice cream for dinner twice this weekend was fun :))….


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