Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

If it doesn’t exist you can’t say it.

All of you know that the Bible wasn’t written in English. That English has tenses, and things that other languages don’t have.
eg: If someone asks you how you you are in english, you say I am 21 years old.
Now if you were to translate this to spanish litterally, you’d say Yo soy 21 años.
One problem, if you said that, you’d look like an idiot, because it’s improper, and also the premise for that statement DOES NOT EXIST IN SPANISH! What you are supposed to say is Yo tengo 21 años, which literally translates I have 21 years. Now you can say I have 21 years and make sense in english, no one would look at you like you’re idiot. This statment does exist.
In spanish you do not say the verb to be with many of the things that we say in english, another example would be like tengo frio, (I have cold)
So, you ask, where in the world am i going with this? The problem I see with modern Bibles is that while trying to make things readable, which is a good thng, they not only take away from the reading, but end up making something that doesn’t exist show.
Example in the Gk Septuagint Bible, Lk 1, 28 is rendered as follows.

I will not translate the eintre verse, but it’s usually translated like this: And the Angel said unto Mary, hail, full of grace, the lord is with thee.
The word kecharitomene, literally trranslated means perfected by grace. from the greek word Charoos, which means grace. Now the premise does NOT exist for one. In some translations, it’s said, Hail, favored one. The premise for the word one does not exist in the Greek Language, That is an english thing that’s not existant in the greek, as I’ve said, if it doesn’t exist in another language, it can’t be brought into the translation. This is the problem with trying to make things readable. You end up adding premises that don’t exist.
That’s something to think about when you’re reading the Bible in Greek, that if somethng doesn’t exist in the English Language, it can not be there, which is why the english translation isn’t the best.
Like another example. Love. I love you. I love my dog. I love my friends. One word for the same thing. In greek there are 4 words. In Spanish, I believe 3. But to show you that english isn’t a good language, because it derives from the slavic-anglo saxon area, which is why you find things translate easier from German to English, than from Greek or Latin.


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