Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

Is it really as simple as we think it is?

You hear lots of the time “All I need is a personal relationship with Jesus” I don’t need all the other things, that come along with it. That they are “obstacles” to him.
I often times think that people try to simplify everything by not getting to the core of what matters. How do you get to know a person without finding out what they are about? You’d look kind of foolish if you called someone your friend, but you didn’t know anything about them. Agreed?
This is why the doctorines, in some cases dogmas are there. They are there to help you understand this Jesus person that you want to get to know. What good is it as i’ve said if you don’t know anything about a person. If you hear me talk about Jesus, he seems kind of cool, you’re going to ask me questions about him (to those of you that don’t believe of course). Is he just a person? or is he really God? You’re going to want to know these things about him.
The dogma’s of the Trinity, Incarnation, Pascal Mystery, help us to come to understand this Jesus. You can not oppose the understanding of the doctories, and the personal relationship, because they go hand in hand with one another. The fact that you do know the dogmas, does make you want to have personal relationship with him, and the fact that you have personal relationship with him means you want to get to know him more through what has been defined.
I guess you can say, it’s a matter of balance or something like that. Some people think that I’m very difficult teacher, because I give a ton of work, and go through the details of what everything means. Forgive me for doing what I’m supposed to do. Teach the faith.
I also think that people have gotten too much into the what does it mean to me theory. That people have gotten too self arrogant to see the big picture of things. That we’re so busy trying to “cater” the faith to teens, that we end up watering down the faith a ton. For example, having the whole “rock” music during mass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of rock, however, not during mass. Mass isn’t designed to be entertaining. I believe that people are searching for Truth. What good is it if the Truth is so watered down that you can’t tell it from what is fiction.
You can call me a traditionalist if you want, but that wouldn’t be accurate. Forgive me for promoting orthodoxy, and the Catholic Faith. (I could go into the whole liturgical abuses thing, but that’s another topic). I was not at WYD in Cologne, Germany, but when the Pope was doing benediction, if you ever look at the pics, you’ll notice that everyone followed in prostration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. 🙂
It’s very much true that we as studnets are reflections of those that have taught us. I having come up with pretty strict teachers, am myself very much strict. That people are a reflection of the leaders that they have. I could go all day on “Cardinal” Mahoney, and how by his example, you’ve noticed that the faith here in the Archdiocese of LA is not as strong as say the Archdiocese of St. Louis with a Bishop much more prome to orthodoxy. (Don’t even sit and tell me otherwise, you find me a Bishop who backs out of a Catholic Charity event because the star act is pro-abortion (Sheryl Crow), someone who denies communion to public sinners, yes, these are all apart of Archbishop Burke’s trackrecord)….This is why I am the way that I am, I don’t believe in watering down things to simplicity so much that people don’t understand something.


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