Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

My soul Rejoices

A very good song by my friend Jackie, whom all of you should get to know, she’s absoultely the awesomest, (as if that’s even a word).
Sometimes you have to decide something, and if it leads you to be, it leads you there, and if its not meant to be, something else happens. Correct?
Well, with that said, the thing I get to decide on is whether or not, I might enter the semminary after this horrible torchure called college, lol. I’ve been told by some people that i’d make an excellent priest. (Well, I know for 1 my homilies wouldn’t put anyone to sleep). I’ve been told by some that if they weren’t a certian age that they’d go out with me. I’ve been told some that I should stay single. I’ve been told by some that you should find someone. I’ve told myself what I wrote yesterday. As I’ve said recently, it would NOT be the end of the world if I DID NOT get married. (Although there are a couple of people who know my thoughts after a certian event, where I did feel like it was the end of the world, and I was right, the end of the world as I knew it). There are somethings that I haven’t done, but I realize there are very few chances to combine everything that I’m passionate about in one job. Teaching, I enjoy it, and it’s something I definately see myself doing. My faith, I love it, it’s not something I’m just commited to, I act out my faith out of love for the Lord, not out of obligation. (See Mary’s Magnificat) The youth, I love working with them, since I have the opportunity to relate things that I have done to them, and to show them how to avoid things that I did. (Even though I am very hard on them as a teacher. I know my confirmation I students are complaining to their parents right now because of the fact that I gave a 7 pg. assignment for HW last week, It’s the result of having different teacher with different expectations). Now some of you are thinking, why would I do such a thing? Is it just because you’re having bad luck in the department of women, and that nothing seems to go right? or is there really some thought going on to this? Well, to tell you the truth, it’s rather simple. It’s all a thought process, and if it’s something that comes to be, it comes to be. If someone comes along and I don’t have to share, it’s all good, IF someone doesn’t come along, it’s still not the end of the world. These are all merely thoughts into what I’m trying to figure out. If you guys want to help in the descision making process, I have a really easy thing to do, pray the roasry, it’s very powerful! and much more than any nuclear weapon that I could make.


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