Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

On the topic of Love

I’ll start by asking a question.
To you what is love?
Now I know exactly what society is going to tell you. Society is going to say love is sex. and sex is love. And they’re also going to say that love is this real feeling that gets you butterflies, and all these wierd feelings. They’re also going to tell you that material things can bring out love. Am I correct?
And I’ll be honest, had you asked me about 5 years ago, what love is. This is what I would have told you: I would have told you that love is that feeling when you can’t not speak. Love is what I felt towards Helen. Love is that emotional high that I got from being around her.
How wrong would that answer have been? Very very wrong.
Now this is something that I’ve said before, that English is never really the best way to express a feeling or emotion, because the vocabluary that you have is very limited. For example If you say the word love: There’s so many different meanings: The love of a friend, family menber, animal, b/f g/f, God, material things, etc)
To prove my point, in Spanish, there are at least 2 ways to say love. amar, cariño. (to my knowledge)
It gets better. In konical Greek, there’s 4 ways to say love: Enos, Storge, Philia, and Agape.
3 of those 4 types of love, involve 2 people, one of them does not.
Let me enos is an erotic love. Passionate to say the least. Like in a sexual way. It’s the most basic love that there.
Then next is Storge which is like the love of a family member, it’s higher on the love scale. For example the love you have for your family, and all of that.
Philia is the next on this stage. it’s the love that you have for a friend. For example. I love all of my friends. in this manner.
Last but not least is agape. Agape is the love that God has for us. God loves us so much that he doesn’t expect anything! That love is permanent and everlasting, and uncontiditonal. This is the highest form of love. Can any of you honestly say that you’ve loved someone selflessly and unconditionally? I certianly fail this test.
It’s amazing to think about as well, that we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS LOVE! I mean we did nothing. Honestly something to think about God has everything, He really didn’t need to put us on this earths. We have a triune God, The Father Loves the Son unconditionally, and the Son Loves the Father uncoinditionally, and the Holy Spirit is the expression of that Love.
In the CCC (Which is a very good read, everyone of you should read it btw) in paragraph 25 (It’s organized in paragraphs) it states.
The whole concern of doctorine and its teaching must be directed to the love that never ends. Whether something is proposed for belief, for hope, or for action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of the perfect Christian virtue spring from love and have no other objective than to arrive at love.
In 1 Cor 13:4-8, 13 the Bible tells us: Charity is patient, is kind: charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely; is not puffed up; Is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth with the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endurith all things; Charity never falleth away: whether prophecies shall be made void, or tounges shall cease, or knowledge shall be destroyed And now there remain faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity. (DRB).
That this love that God has for us is the goal of everything. How much did God love us?
Well, He’s giving me the ability to type this out right now. He gives you the ability to breathe right now. He has the right to take it away at any moment.
He loved us so much that when Eve ate off the tree (I had to get that in, lol), when we were sinful, he could of let us suffer, but no. What did he do? he brought us he gave us his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but have life everlasting. (The grrek word by the way means obey, not exactly believe, that’s a side note for another day). That’s right, ever lasting life 🙂
But wait, it gets better. God loves us so much, that His son was the perfect sacrafice for our sins. That he redeemed for all of our sinful ways.
But wait, there’s more. He loves us so much, that he gave us the Eucharist. Where we eat his flesh and blood. So we have life in us. How awesome is that?
Wait, there’s more, He gave us the Church, where we can recieve all this love.
God is Love, and Jesus is God, Jesus is Love
So let us remember this St. Valentines day (even if he got his head chopped off), that Love isn’t about the material things, and that we concentrate on the Triune God that is Love.
And we can all have this love. There are ways to find it. Rather simple ones of course.
1. Prayer: Not just the memorized prayers (the Our Father, Hail Mary, etc), but also just having a regular conversation. You don’t have to just be in Church to pray. (Although for myself, that’s my favorite place to pray)
2. Be able to receive Love: How can you give something that you don’t have? Allow others to love you. Love is a choice, do remember that.
3. the Eucharist: Go to mass everyday! Receieve our Lord’s flesh and Blood.
4. A personal Relationship with Jesus: We’re called to have a deep relationship with him. I have a couple of friends that see HIm as their bf. (Obviously these friends are female).. That best friend that never judges. 🙂



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