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Reflections from 8-22-8-27

8-22-07: The Queenship of the BVM (Jug 9, 6-15; Ps 44; Matt 20, 1-16)
Many people look at Catholics as strange when we call mary Queen of Heaven. However as we will learn this practice is not only logical, but also biblical. The first thing that we have to understand is what lineage of kings Jesus comes from. The Bible tells us this, he being the son of David (Matt 1, 1). Of course matt 1 talks about the geneology of Jesus. In the book of 2nd Samuel Ch. 7 we read about promises made to king David. (2 Sam 7, 11-17). We see that Jesus is the fullfilment of these promises God made to david. noew we have to understand how the Davidic Kingdom works. now the Kings during this day had concubines (kind of old school mistresses you can say) and many wives. It would not make any sense for the king’s wife to be queen. For one thing, which wife would be king? So to solve this problem the king’s mother was made queen. I want you to notice the behavior of Bathsheba when her husband David is king, and when her son Solomon is king. In 1 Kgs 1, 31 it says “Bowing to the floor in homage to the king, Bathsheba said, “may the lord, King David live forever.” Let us notice in this paricular section that Bathsheba is the one doing homage. later in the text we read in 1 Kgs 2, 19-20, we see the king (Solomon, David is dead at this point) is the one that pays her homage. What does this mean? The queen shares a role in the athourity and also we see how important the mother figure is. (afterall, the chair was at the king’s right side). We know that Jesus is the king, which makes Mary the queen by defualt. Therefore it’s a Christian believe that Mary is Queen and shares in the athourity of the King. Amen!
8-23-07 St. Rose of Lima (Jug 11, 29-39; Matt 22, 1-14)
St. Rose was a very beautiful woman. SHe knew quite well that she wanted to concentrate on God. To do this she put peper on herself to make herself less beautiful.. She teaches us that vanity is not important. We often see people (women usually) putting on make up and worrying about their vanity. St. Rose tells us not to do this. She was a 3rd order Dominican (Terciary) taking after St. Catherine of Siena. In the readings today, we read about the vow of Jephthah. he had vouwed in verse 30 “If thou wilt deliver the childeren of amon into my hands, whosoever shall first cme forth out of the doors of my house, and shall meet me when i return in peace from the children of Ammon, the same will I offer a holocost to the Lord (Jug 11, 30-31). Now what is going on is a concecration to virginity (at this time the Law would not allow this to be a sacrifice). it is a call to do God’s will Reason it’s a way to holiness. In 1 Cor 7, 35 virginity is prefered. But in the OT people wanted chldren. Again, it’s a manner of God’s will. in todays Gospel we see a parable relating the Kingdom of heaven to a wedding feast. many are called, but fuew are chosen (22, 14). There are two parts to this parable. In the first part God invites all of us to the wedding feast. However in particular this applies to the Jew at the time, how they did not accept Jesus (let alone the prophets). The prophets playing the role of the inviters and because they (the Jews) didnt’ listen, all of the gentiles were then called althoguh the Jews that did beliveve were the first called. Of course this wedding feast is that of Jesus (Mass) we should always prepare for mass by prayer, reading of the Scriptures, being in the state of grace to recieve Communion. If we do not do this, someone else will take it little, by little. Let us today and everyday always be ready for the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, for the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith. Amen!
8-24-07 St. Bartholomew (Nathaniel) (Ru 1, 1; 3-6; 14-16; 22; Matt 22, 34-40)
Today’s reading is very simple. We see that Ruth doesn’t abandon the Lord and go back to her old wasy. The most important commandment is to love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, body and soul. We see Ruth applying this by not going back to her old ways. We must remember that loving the Lord involves action. All to keep in mind as we celebrate St. Bartholomew Amen!
8-25-07 (Ru 2, 1-3; 8-11; 13-17; Matt 23, 1-12)
In today’s first reading we see Ruth is rewared for being a servant and staying with her mother in law. It is a very good example of Matt 23, 12 ” and whoever shall exalt themself shall be humbled and he who shall humble himself shall be exalted.” How you ask?. Well for one thing look how she is treated. Boaz orders his servents to not molest her, as well she is allowed to drink of the same waters (2, 9). Something to think about: Do we put ourselves on a higher petastool than we should, or do we see things with a level head? And who shoever shall exalt themself shall be humbled, and he who shall humble himself shall be exalted. Amen!
8-26-07 21 Su of OT (Is 66, 18-21; Ps 117; Heb 12, 5-7. 11-13: Lk 13, 23-30)
In today’s first reading; we see the Lord God is going to offer himself to foregin nations; aka the gentiles. The problem at this time was that the Jews felt God was only for them. This is really the first eccumenical act. Now to understand what eccumenism is and what it is not. Eccumenism doesn’t mean being relativistic towards other religions that are not Catholic. There are some traditionalists that believe that Vatican II changed the teaching “Outside the Church, there is no salvation.” This is not true by any means. All salvation comes through the Catholic Church. this means that those communities derive hope of salvation from the Catholic Church. If they don’t know the Truth that exists in the Catholic Church; they will not be held to the same standard as those who willfully ignore the Church. God does not want us to stand pat and assumed all will be saved in the situation they are. We care called to evangelize and bring all to the Church. We see this in Ps 117 All of us are called to proclaim the good news to all the world. In the 2nd reading we read about dicipline. Our Christian lives need this to help us grow. In today’s Gospel, we see the Lord telling us to strive for heaven (the narrow gate is another word for heaven0. now how does this relate to the first reading? remember how we are called to go out and evangelize? The consequence of us not not evangelizing is losing souls to the devil if we ignore them. If you remember in Latin ite Missa Est, which means Go, you are sent, which was our call go to out and evangelize: Ite missa Est Amen!
8-27-07 St. Monica (1 Tess 1, 1-5; 8-10; Matt 23, 13-22)
Today we celebrate St. Monica. She is most likely known to you as the person who prayed 42 years for her son’s conversion. her son as you know was St. Augustine. She had two other kids. In 1 Tess 1, 9 we read “For the report concerning us what a welcome we had among you, and how you turned to God from idols o serve a living and true god.” This prefectly applies to St. Augustine’s turn around. It is good for us to learn from St. Monica how to pray. That sometimes we have to continuously lift things up. God most certianly answers in His will. Persistance is a good thing especially for someone you love. Mother’s constantly pray for your children, To all: for anything you need, be constant in prayer (Rom 12, 12) Amen!


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