Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

Stupidity of Arguments made against Catholics

It’s really funny sitting here, and I’m thinking aloud/to myself, how sometimes we don’t even realize how ignorant or stupid other people’s arguments are…I’m about to demostrate what I mean by this….
1. The Catholic Church went under an apostracy and had to be re-established, because it “lost” truth.
Now that I have time to sit here and think, I realize how dumb this argument is.
The first thing in this is that the person is acknowledging the fact that the Catholic Church was the Church established by Jesus Christ. So this automatically fails the rest of their argument, but, let me continue anyway.
Matt 28:20 states ” and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world..” (DRB)
So basically, what they’re trying to argue is that Jesus left the Church, and went somewhere else? What are you calling Jesus, a liar? That’s completely idotic if you were to ever call Jesus a liar.
If the Truth was somehow “lost,” you’re going to have to deny Jesus because of the fact that he lied in the most Sacred Text we have as Christians. If something happens that is contridictory to the Truth, you HAVE TO REJECT IT! (if T implies F, then the statement is F)
And even if it did happen, there’d be a written record of what happened. (which you’ll find none btw)
2. The Eucharist is just a symbol, it’s not really Jesus’ Body and Blood.
Let’s say that I hand you a quarter. What you see is a quarter, right, worth 25 cents. I ask you now to try to bend the quarter. So you try and you fail.
I then ask you if the quarter is solid. You say yes.
Then I tell you, not at all. Most of the quarter is space. Molecules are boneded in a particular manner. You know this from basic science.
You do not see these bonds, or molecules, but you know that they are there.
It’s not just about what you see, there’s more to the quarter than what is physically seen. The substance, doesn’t change, it is still a quarter despite all the molecules being there that you don’t see.
At the moment of concecration, the bread and wine become the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. You see a wafer. Physically, it’s still bread. It’s substance is what changed, (Similarly to the molecules that you don’t see), it’s still the Body, Blood, Soul and Divnity of Jesus Christ)


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