Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

We participate in Christ’s Redemption

When Catholics refer to mary as “co-redeemer”. This does NOT mean that she is equal to God, by far she is not, she is only human. The word co derives form the latin word cum, which translates with. In latin we’d say cum redemptor. The word literally translates with redemeer. What this means. That Mary was praticipating in the redemption in a much lesser way. The Bible tells that we as Christians participate in his redemption. Let us see where in the Bible this is true.
Rom 11, 13-14: Listen to me, you who are not Jews: I am spending myself as an apostle to the pagan nations, but I hope my ministry will be sucessful enough to awaken the jealousy of those of my race, and finally to save some of them.
We know that from Eph 2, 5 and Acts 15, 11 that JESUS is the ONLY one that SAVES US!. So, the question why does St. Paul say that he saves? in Rom 11, 14? The reason is not because he is Christ, not at all, he means that he’s participating in the redemption through Christ. God can distribute his gifts however he pleases, including salvation. Again, let me make the point that Jesus is the only one that saves us, but we participate in his work on salvation for our sins. This comes from the flow of infinite graces that is Christ.
1 Cor 7, 16 Besides, are you sure, wife that you could save your husband, and you husband, that you could save your wife?
This situation we’re talking about is a husband wife situation. Are they God? again, no, we are lesser participants in God’s salvation by our faith and by our love towards one another and towards God respectively!
1 Cor 9, 22: To the week I made myself weak, to win the weak. So I made myself all things to all people in order to save, by all possible means, some of them.
Again St. Paul is saying that he saves? How? By participation. Chrit’s merits are outside of time. He is the head of the body of Christ, and he can apply these merits in any way he wishes 🙂
1 Tim 4, 16: Take heed of yourself and attend to your teaching. Be steadfast in doing this and you will save both yourself and your hearers.
Now Timothy is doing the saving how, by the reasoning from earlier. Christ being the head, and distributing graces accordingly.
St. James 5, 20: be sure of this: he who brings back a sinner from the wrong way will save his soul from death, and win forgiveness for many sins.
Need I say more?
St. Jude 22-23: Try to convince those who doubt; others you will save, snatching them from condemnation. Treat the others with compassion, but also with prudence, shunning even the clothers that touched their body.
St. Jude is saying that we can save people from condemnation 🙂 again, this is all through Christ 🙂
Prov 16, 6 With goodness and faithfulness you atone for your sin; with fear of Yahweh you may turn away from evil.
By our faith, and our actions we atone for our sins, we participate in Christ’s redemtpion. with the grace of God. 🙂
Remember co does not mean equal, it derives from the latin word. We are all participants in Christ’s redemption, because he is the head, and we are the Body of Christ


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