Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

What it means to sacrifice

What does it mean to sacafice?
Well, that’s a good question. Some people think it’s to take a lesser ameans to get something that emotionally is greater. For example, if you become teacher, while you won’t be paid anywhere near as much as say, doctor, you gain the opportunity to impact someone’s life directly.
Some people think it means to swallow your pride, and so called “take one for the team, or relationship” Example, you and another person get into argument about something, and you’re sick of arguing, so you conceed the battle, not wanting to lose the war. But my question to this is, what as a whole did you gain by softening your position on something. Absolutlely nothing.
Some people say sacrafice is when you give up your life for something that you believe in. Example of the Mexican Martyrs which were recently canonized by Pope Benedict XVI
If you were to take a look at Christ’s life, you’d see the true definition of sacrafice.
Yes, there was a reason for putting things in the order that they were put in.
Yes, there is a hidden meaning to this entry, but NO, you will not figure it out unless you’re able to read into my mind, and that is something, unless i’ve discussed with you;. (Which none of you can make this claim as of now), you won’t be able to do.


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