Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2007

What’s the difference between you asking me and asking the Saints for help?

I was just thinking about this earlier, and it made me come to why we do pray to (properly through) the Saints in heaven.
Think about this: If we’re going through a problem, we go to friends for advice. Does this contridict 1 Tim 2:5 ?
“For there is one God, and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus:?”
Most certianly it does not Why? Because of the fact by the GRACE OF GOD, your friend is able to help you with a situation, and give you the proper advice of what to do, or give you something that allows you to meditate on it, and come to your own descision. Your friend does not help you on his or her own power but by the grace of God this person’s able to help you.
Many of you that St. Anthony is the finder of lost things. In the prayer St. Anthony, St. Anthony, where can you be? I’ve lost my ______, where can it be? You’re asking St. Anthony to find something for you. This usually happens, but how? Is it by himself? Is St. Anthony God? The answer to these questions is of course not! By God giving him the grace to help you find that thing that you’re looking for. It was by no means St. Anthony’s doing, but rather God’s doing.
Many people wonder why we go Mary for things….The exact same reason that I mentioned, she grants things by the grace of God. She is the queen in the Davidic Kingdom. The king has all the athourity, but can grant it to others to use as well…So when we ask Mary for something, she by the grace of God can do that.
Jesus mediation is unique, because he doesn’t need grace to grant anything. He’s God, and what he wills, will happen for us. He is a mediator in a different manner. He redeems us on redemption. There is NO ONE that can undergo all that pain, just for our sins. This is what is meant by him being the one mediator!
If the verse implied that all you could do is pray to Jesus, there’d be no use in asking your friends for advice. No use having a family. And no use for all of the strangers on the planet.
Just something to think about.


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