Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 14, 2007

The Youth and the TLM

I sent this to the Tidings, (you know there is no way this is getting in. It’s too orthodox for them)

It is often said that the youth are looking for things that are relavent to them. It is often said that the youth are looking for something “hip” or “cool.” I am 22 years old, and have previously only been exposed to the Novus Ordo Mass of Paul VI. Fr. McBrien says in hsi column “
But if such Catholics are under the ages of 45 or 50, they have little or no hands-on experience of the pre-Vatican II Mass. It is a mystery how one can be nostalgic for something one had never experienced.” It should not be a mystery to why the youth are more and more being attracted to this Mass. The reverence, the mystery, the sacrifice of the Mass, the recognition that we are one with the Saints who prayed this Mass long before us. I have been to many “youth Masses” during my lifetime and I can say that this approach has not worked for many of us. The watering down of the Gospel Message is NOT what the youth are looiking for. They are tired of hearing the lies of society and the gospel according to the media or MTV, and want to hear the TRUTH that exists within the Catholic Faith as handed down to us by the Apostles’. I went to St. Thérèse Catholic Church in Alhambra a couple of weeks ago to attend the Tridentine Mass that has been freed by Pope Benedict XVI. I was absolutely amazed by the reverence that was shown by the priest who was saying Mass. Fr. Bishop. I truly felt present at Calvary when I went to Mass. The Chants were amazing and I was really drawn by the internal participation. On my mind was the fact that this is the Mass of the Saints before us, including my patron St. Thérèse. This mass meant much more to me than people trying to bring the Gospel down to our level. We want to be challenged to live the Gospel, not making everything okay for us. If I was looking to hear “hip” or “cool” music, I’d listen to the CD player or the radio. In Mass, I (nor do many of the youth as they are starting to see) don’t need to hear the guitar or drumsets playing during Mass. If anything this has the oppisite effect than what it’s trying to do. It’s making something that’s sacred into a rock concert, which is not what any of us want Mass to be. I send this reply in response to Fr. McBride’s Collumn saying that none of us would be attracted to this Mass. I am quite young, and am very attractive to this Mass, as it’s also serving as the springboard for my vocation into the priesthood. The priest’s back is not to us, likewise the person who sits in front of us does not have their backs to us, but rather is facing the same direction to the east or in the latin Ad Orientum, which is showing us the way to Christ who will come again by the East. Fr. McBrien also says ” There were no sermons at daily Masses, no congregational responses, and few Communions.” This may be true. However, the point of the Mass is not for us, but rather for the worship of God. The reason why Communions were less was because people had the recognition of what sin is. Not what has been taught at many catechesis classes that mortal sin basically doesn’t exist. (I remember hearing that during my Catechesis). It is my belief that the youth are looking for TRUTH, REVERENCE and DEVOTION, all of which exist in the Tridentine Mass, the Mass of the Saints that came before us. All for the Glory of God. Amen!


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