Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 21, 2007

Physical vs. Spirtual Presernce.

In today’s reflection upon the Word, I come to explain the difference between something that is physical, and something that is spiritual. When we think of something that is physical, we think of something that’s tangible, something that we can see, something that we can measure. While this is not always the case with something physical, Usually these are fairly common understood properties of something that is physical. Something that is spiritual is something that is supernatural, something that can not be seen, something that is unfathomable. Again, while this is not always the case, it’s fair to say that these types of things are common.

The fact that I lost my mother to cancer back in 2002 is not a very easy subject for me to talk about. How I still struggle with it to this day. People will often say that she’s spiritually persent still to this day, and while the thought of that is great, it’s much better when someone is physically present. (Although, I’m not much into the whole theory of ghosts and stuff, I believe that’s just manifestation of the devil, however, I do pray for my mom’s soul).

In the Gospel according to St. Luke 24, 13-35. Jesus was right there amongst them (those disciples). Spiritually, he was right there, next to the apostles’ (this is another one of those disciple thick headed moments when they don’t realize who’s in front of them, we see this all the time). They didn’t even notice he was there when they were on their way to Emmasus (I can’t spell, forgive me). However, once He broke the bread, he made himself known to them. This passage only affirms what we as Cathoics believe about the Eucharist, that it is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus physically present in the Eucharist. It’s not just a spriual presence, it’s also a physcial presence.

People will say, it’s about a personal relationship with Jesus at the end of the day. While this may be true. (I don’t believe in Christian Relativism)…..How much more blessed are we to have him physically with us in the Eucharist?…..

As I said in the beginning, something that is physical doesn’t always have to be seen….Eg: the density of a body. When we say that Jesus is physically present in the Eucharist, His Body takes the form of bread and wine. (and if you don’t think it’s possible, ask Moses about the Burning bush). While the substance doesn’t change (bread and wine), He truly becomes present for us in the Eucharist (some word with a t called transubsantiation)

I want to stress the point that when something is physically present it becomes more real for us. Imagine if you will candy, what would be better if it was physically there in front of you. In the same way we as Catholic Christians say yes, while Jesus being spiritually with us is great, he is physically with us to in the Eucharist and by this physical presence we are able to better live out what we believe as Catholic Christians. Amen!


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