Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 30, 2007

On our tendencies to limit forgivenes

How many times have you heard somthing like this: They cheated on me, I’ll never forgive them. Or something like what they did is never forgivable? I”m sure that you hear this all the time. I know that for myself, I have said such things, as well as have done things some people can consider unforgivable.
In the book of Hosea we see the fact that He is marred to Gomer the prostitute (whore if you want to be more demeaning) (Hos 1, 2). This relationship is supposed to be symbolic of the relatinship between God and Israel. Israel is like Gomer as she fals many times (The times that she cheats on Hosea (Hos 1, 6)…Yet despite all this He is still forgiving of he (Hos 2, 21; 3, 1)…Welcoming her with open arms..the call to forgiveness.
The only way you can not be forgiven for something is if you are not open to the gift of forgveness (i.e. Blasphameying against the Holy Spirit)
CCC 1864 states: Therefore I tell you, very sin and blasphemy wll be forgiven men, butthe blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Thre are no limits to the mercy of God, but anyone who deliberately refusest accept himercy by repentinng, rejects the forgiveness of hissins and te salvation offered by the Holy Spirit. Such hardnss ofheart can lead to finl impenitence and eternal loss.
Does forgiveness mean that you need to justify someone elses actions? Absoultely not. It does mean that if they acknowledge their mistake and are truly contrite that you should give them the chance to show you this.
We are called to imitate the Trinity in all that we do, forgivenss included. I can sit and telll you that people have done things to me in the past that I used deem “unforgivable.” But who are we to place limits on forgiveness when God does not?
We sometimes tend to be very prideful when it comes to our own things, we define certian things to be unforgivable, and we say other things are forgivable. But my challengeto you is this….Imitate the Trinity and make your mercy and forgivness that of an ocean. God’s mercy is like an ocean (St Faustina)…We may not be able to be God, but we are able to imitate him. Amen!


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