Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 4, 2007

Some advice on how to promote vocations

Sometimes I wonder the mathematical ability of certian people. How can you have the largest Archdiocese in the US and only 1 seminary. How can a diocese such as Lincoln, Neb, and St. Louis, Missou have seminaries that are overflowing? I as someone discerning a vocation can give some sound advice on how to promote better vocations.

1. Teach the Truth at ALL COSTS. No more of the watered down Gospel. No more of the make you feel good homilies. More of what the Church teaches. No more heretical teachings. No more liberalizing the documents of Vatican II.

2. Set an example for those to follow: ie: No Liturgical Abuss, no abusing the Documents of Vatican II. Promote the Latin Mass. Promote Eucharistic Adoration. Defend the Eucharist from those in Public Sin. (Abortion especially). Promote Pro-Life, even prayer in front of Abortion Clinics. We the people notice these actions by those that are above us. By their fruits you shall know them.

3. Stop rejecting the orthodox seminarians who want to teach the Truth. These are where your vocations will be blessed. And you won’t have the problems of the past. Stop promoting the liberalization of the True Faith and getting your own selfish agenda across (Mahony, Brown, this goes out to you)

4. Put the good of the Church ahead of yourself. That is, clean house. Be cooperative with the Athorities. Conversations are not recorded during confesion. SO that’s not what you need to worry about. If they are breaking the civil law, they are breaking some canon law, I’m very sure of it. Andalso, STOP WRECKOVATING CHURCHES 🙂

5. Make yourself available 24/7/365, and make it so that everyone knows your number and can easily find you. When you make connections, people remember.

6. Obedience to the Roman Pontiff. That means when Rome says stop using Glass and Liturgical Dancers in the Liturgy, STOP IT. THis means when music should come from Scriputre and proper Liturgical Sources, USE IT. This also means the making of Mass into a Rock Concert is a NO NO!

7. Restore the Sacred back to the Liturgy. That is KNEELING AFTER THE AGNUS DEI, KNEELING to rRECIEVE COMMUNION, No more rock music at Mass. Doing the RED in the Roman Missal exactly. Saying the Black exactly in the words of Cardnal DiNardo of Houston “Say the Black, do the Red.” People are not looking for Mass to be a rock concert, if that’s what they wanted, they would have stayed home.

8. Above all else, Prayer, Rosary for the strength to say yes to God’s call. The strength if someone is called to the priesthood to say yes. and for all of our priests, deacons, bishops, and the Pope.I really am a believer in the fact that what you do, is how people will follow you.

Let us pray for our Bishops that they have the conversion of heart needed to teach the Truth. Amen!


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