Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 12, 2007

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Tomorrow is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I must admit that I did not know much about this particular devotion growing up, just that there was food, and there was a party.

A little bit of background for you about this apparition. Cortez and the boys came late 1400’s to Mexico and basically went idol destroying. (This part is very much true). In the Aztec religion there were human sacrifices going on, babies, children, adults. This had stopped once Cortez and the boys came in. So basically you have a people with no hope, no idea, no direction because what they knew was now gone. (Contrary to belief that human sacrifices were going on during the days of St. Juan Diego). So Our Lady comes to St. Juan Diego saying my son is who you should believe in. I find it very interesting that Spe Salve was just released and how our faith is something objective, and not something that is subjective. That their hope should be in the Cross and the Resurrection of the Body. I also look at the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and compare it to the description of the woman in Rev 12, 1. I notice the images to be very similar. This image of Our Lady is showing her motherhood towards the Aztechian people. There are a few meanings of the word Guadalupe, one of them being river of life. The more literal translation of the word which comes from the Arabic word means one who crushes snakes (Like the serpent in Gen 3, 15), When I hear the words of the Book of Revelation, I see very much Our Lady of Guadalupe in them. …More Later


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