Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 17, 2007

Amist WREC, there is hope…St. Thérèse, Alhambra

For those of you that are going to come out to Los Angeles for WREC (Thanks Q for the terminology). Since you’re not going to find any reverently done Masses, free of Liturgical Abuses left and right, there’s hope for you, even if you have to drive an hour away from WREC to get to the Church, it is well worth it.

St. Thérèse happens to just become my home Church just about a month and a half ago. The community there is very reverent, with lots of respect for the Blessed Sacrament. You will not see any wreckovations at this Church. The High Altar remains untouched. The altar rails are still standing. The statues are still there.

Today I went there for the 5pm Mass. (I had to work, I normally go to the EF 1pm Mass there). Which we all know as the “teen” Mass at most parishes (the late Mass that is). There were a couple of things very much different about this Mass. While the guitars were still at Mass (and I’m very much against that), the guitars were played reverently, and not like a rock concert like at some parishes). The priest was very charismatic his name was Fr. Albert, OCD (The Carmelites run this parish by the way). He took the time out to explain each part of the Mass to us, which scores points with me since that’s using Mass as Catechesis. His homily was very good on “Are you in the Kingdom or outside of the Kingdom?” And how we should recognize God within our Midst. The Kingdom of God was on earth through the Church. Eucharistic Prayer II was used. He explained each part of the Canon as it was going on. (Not a Liturgical abuse to Catechize during Mass). The Our Father was sung. Unlike the “Cardinal’s” directives, everyone kneeled after the Agnus Dei (the priest instructed us to do so) as to be in adoration. Communion went from front to back. It was about half and half Communion on the hand, and on the tongue. There was a person who kneeled for Communion (me). And all remained kneeling until Father explained the Rite of Purification (the removal of Christ’s physical presence on the Altar (or purifying the vessels)), in which case we sat. Then the solemn Blessing was said by Father and following the rubrics Mass was ended. As I’ve stated before, my problem with the “teen” Masses are not the guitars and instruments themselves, but rather the attempt to play and sound like rock concert when you’re in Mass. This parish, the “teen” Mass was done to just about perfection. A great place to visit if you’re out here in LA, and you don’t want to be torched with watching Liturgical Abuses left and right. 🙂 Amen!


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