Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 3, 2008

Reformed Catechesis.

I often times wonder what things can be done to imporve Catechesis, well, here are my solutions which I think will help the Church in LA in the long run.

1. Substance, substance, substance. This means what you’re teaching has to have meat. Enough with all these stories beating around the bush in the textbooks, get right to the point. Like in the Baltimore Catechism. Questions and then answers in clear consise lanugage. I have not seen any other book besides for the Baltimore Catechism with actual substance of the Faith that the Church teaches.

2. The Mass and Eucharistic Adoration (of course without the Liturgical Abuses). The graces that come from being at Mass are indescribable (even in the NO Mass when done right). I’d especially promote using the EF Mass with the teens. To many, you’d be suprised how well this can work. It’s something that they haven’t experienced before, and I think that when they are exposed to it, they will be atracted to it.

3. Kill anything secular from the Mass. Meaning, no guitars, no drums, etc. Some of you are probally thinking how in the world will that work? That those insturments is all that they know, and they won’t come without those insturments. (If you want to know why your classes are in cycles, this is the reason) Are you underestimating what our teens are capable of? Are you making assumptions about them that you don’t know? Mass should be set apart, it should be something beyond explination. Feelings are not the most important thing when it comes to Catechesis.

4. Challenge them to memorize things. Have you looked at classes they’re currently taking. Don’t tell me they can’t memorize prayers in English and Latin. If I sound like an old school teacher, it’s because that’s how I am.

5. Catechize the Family with them. For the fact that the Family sees them more often then we do as catechists says something. Send home Theology packets for the parents so they can teach as well. It’s not that they aren’t willing to teach (the parents), often times, they do not know what they are doing. Help them.

These 5 steps should help imporve Catechesis (even if the numbers in your program drop, it’s not about ecconomy, it’s about substance)



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