Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 23, 2008

Upcoming Topics.

There are many topics that I haven’t gotten around to yet, (as my research for my topics aren’t done)…but here’s what’s upcoming soon.

*Vatican II (What it was, and what it wasn’t)…A breakdown of each of the 16 Documents from the Council, and how they relate to us now.
*The Novus Ordo Mass, while completely valid, what needs to be fixed.
*WREC- The “Cardinals” annual display of litugical abuse, dissenters, who to be on the look out for, and who is orthodox.
*We have a 3 legged stool, let us use the other 2 legs.
*Original Stupidity a biprouct of Original Sin
^Styles of Crucifixes
*St. Lorenzo’s Reminding me why I left

Updates on Topics I said that I was going to publish
Sacreliges (Pubished)
The Role of Faith in your daily life. (To be worked on soon)
The “shortage of priests” (To be published around the time of WREC)
WREC (in Feb)
Our Lady of Fatima (in Feb)
Being Catholic in LA (also to be published around WREC)
Theology of Veiling (To be published probaly next week)


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