Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 28, 2008

The discernment Process.

This is the entry that’s going to get me in trouble with a couple of people I know (They were not tagged in this message, lol)…..

In the Bible Jesus talks about how you CAN NOT serve two masters, but we can only serve God……that is the basis for this reflection that I need to write before I lose it, lol…..

I must confess that I did not wear my scapular much last week. That not having my scapular on led me to fall into temptations selfish desire (needless to say the scapular is NEVER coming off again)….(Thank goodness for Confession :))…as result, I was thinking much about relationships with others and its relationship in the discernment process, I thought that I might be actually called to be married. However, after Confession, I very quickly realized that the will of God is more important than my own desires. And I also very quickly realized that it would be totally inappropriate for me to be in a relationship at this time due to my discernment process of whether I’m gong to be in religious life or whether my vocation is to marriage (which a vast majority of you have told me that marriage is NOT my vocation, and I happen to agree with you).

Some people would say that you have to be in a relationship to be able to decide whether you want to be in religious life or not. I happen to completely disagree with this principle. The reason being rather simple. It takes effort to maintain a relationship with another person, and that attention that should be going to God ends up going to the person. While it is not impossible to discern religious life while being in a relationship. If you don’t see yourself marrying the person it is pointless, irrelevant, in the words of Natalie “Catholics should not secular date, but rather Christian Courtship” It’s going to be painful thing if you’re in a relationship, and then you break up because one went to the religious life, what was the point of the relationship in the first place? It’s like using the person, however not in a physical manner, but perhaps worse an emotional, spiritual way. Which I can tell you from experience on both sides of the issue. it’s very painful…..In the end It is our goal to serve God, and its of my opinion that you can not serve 2 masters in the discernment of religious life and because of this people should not be in relationships that are discerning 🙂


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