Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 2, 2008

If you’re confused on who to vote for this weekend, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

I really thought that things couldn’t be worse than they were in 04 (When deciding between a so-called Catholic, and a person who while pro-Life made you want to question how he got out of school from Yale)….Well as it turns out, I was wrong…

This year we have a woman whose already been president (You and I both know Hilary was the one calling the shots will Bill was too busy commiting the Capital Sin of Lust and within that Fornication on the side with Monica)….We have a person who doesn’t want to be African American yet supports the leading cause of death amongst African Americans (not to mention of those babies surrvie the first attempt he’d try to kill them again, and leading minors into foregin countries for abortions if necessary (Do I need mention how cold of a heart you need to have in order to kill a baby AFTER it’s SURVIVED an ABORTION, or does it go without saying?)…Then we have someone who supports the Iraq war and was very close to King Bush I (and is about 71 to boot, which makes me question)…..Last but not least we have a Mormon running (I don’t know about you, but I refuse to vote for a non-Christian)

As Catholic Christians we aren’t really identified to a particular party but rather to the social good for EVERYONE in the society, not just the rich, not just the poor, but EVERYONE…These principles are outlined for us in the CCC (I’ve been sick this entire week, so I’m not about to look all this up for you this week, I’m just barely recovering now), these are what we must go by as Catholic Chrstians. the major no-no is ABORTION (CCC 2270-73, (Yeah, I memorized that one, lol) as well as EMBRYOTIC STEM CELLS THAT COME FROM ABORTION…….Which eliminates Hilary and Obama.

This election, since none of our canidates truly match Catholic Social teachings, I have proposed a solution that is simple…..write in a canidate….(preferbly a Catholic with a good understanding of her teachings and not going to cause scandal in the Church)…..This should help eliviate the confusin that this years primaries are causing.


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