Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 7, 2008

My Lenten Message

Lent for me is a very difficult time. Merely because well, I don’t like seafood, so Fridays during Lent is a true penance.

One thing I should make very clear: If your sacrifice for Lent does not lead you closer to Jesus Christ, IT IS POINTLESS, IRRELEVANT and SHOULD NOT BE DONE. To sacrifice for sarcifice’s sake is just plain dumb. I know that some people are giving up their ipods, or not having sweets, or something like that. If this doesn’t lead you to a closer relationship with Jesus, you should not do these things. Also I know people that live in sin, giving up a sinful activity for these 40 days and then going to go back to it right after. What was the point of the sacrfice if it didn’t change your behavior….(Don’t answer, because there was none).

My Lenten message is simple: All things to lead you closer to Jesus, your almsgiving, sacrifices, etc. If it doesn’t lead you in that direction, it is pointless and you should not do it. Amen!


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