Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 25, 2008

Simple answers to so called Complicated Questions….

1. Why can’t the Church ordain women?

A: The Church is female. The priest is male. The priest takes the Church as his bride. If the Church was to ordain women, the woman priest would take the Church as her bride. The Church condemns homosexuality. Therefore, women can not be ordained because that would be a contradiction in Church morality teaching.

2. Why is outlawing abortion not the complete answer to the end of abortion?

A: Abortion is at the surface, and does not get to the root of the problem. Which is the idea the sex is something only for pleasure. What has to be done is the dignity and role of the human person must be taught. This new attitude will lead to people not wanting pre-marital sex, thus no need for artificial contraception, and thus an end to abortion. (i.e. Theology of the Body)

3. How can God exist when you don’t “see” him?

A: The answer relies on proof by contradiction. Let us say that an absolute God does not exist. This means that everything is relative. That there can not be any facts whatsoever in science or anything else. The font that you see is black. However, this can not be in a relativistic society, someone else can say it’s blue. One of them has to be right. Both can not be true. There has to be a correct answer. Because of this contradiction, there must exist an absolute God, and absolute Truth.


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