Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | March 11, 2008


I have skipped the preface for EP III as I am far too lazy this morning to look one up to use and throw in commentary.

Father, you are holy indeed, and all creation rightly gives you praise. All life, all holiness comes from you through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, by the working of the Holy Spirit. From age to age you gather a people to yourself (in this case, the Church as the People of God, again, this could easily be misunderstood, one would hope when the Liturgical texts are revised that it’d say you gather the Church to yourself), so that from east to west (because the Church has as JPII says “2 lungs” east and west) a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your name (recall my comments earlier, that Protestant communities don’t have valid orders, and thus aren’t able to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (and I’m not referring to the Orthodox) and as a side anal note, Name should be capitalized, since it’s in Reference to God the Father). And so, Father, we bring you these gifts. We ask you to make them holy by the power of your Spirit, that they may become the body and blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, at whose command we celebrate this Eucharist (invocation of the Holy Spirit. A note of quick reference: The Sacrifice of the Mass was alluded to in the OT, and Eucharist should be capitalized. In the revised text I would hope it’d say something like. We ask you to make them Holy by the power of your Spirit, that they may become the Body and Blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice on Calvary we make present)

As a side note: The Institution Narrative is not from the Protestants, but rather from our Eastern Liturgies (eg: the Liturgy of St. John Cryssendom, Liturgy of St. Basil, Liturgy of St. James)

On the night he was betrayed, he took bread and gave you thanks and praise (again, the question here is not the horrible translation (which it is, benedixit is a form of the verb to bless in Latin, but again, that is a manner of Theological precision, and does not invalidate the consecration). He broke the bread, gave it to his disciples, and said

Take this, all of you, and eat it: this is my body which will be given up for you.

When supper (the Lord’s supper is really a protestant understanding of what happened. However as I’ve mentioned, this doesn’t undermine the Faith if understood properly. There was a communal aspect to the Passover, (which was full of ritual, I’m not there in my reading yet, I’ll comment more on this point in another blog) was ended, he took the cup. Again he gave you thanks and praise (see my comment on thanks and praise in the consecration of the bread), gave the cup to his disciples, and said:

Take this, all of you, and drink from it: this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant. It will be shed for you and for all (pro multis, see my commentary on EP II for an expansion on this point) so that sins may be forgiven. Do this in memory of me

Let us proclaim the mystery of faith (see my comment on EP II at this point):
All: A – Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. or B – Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life. Lord Jesus, come in glory. or C – When we eat this bread and drink this cup, we proclaim your death, Lord Jesus, until you come in glory. or D – Lord, by your cross and resurrection, you have set us free. You are the Savior of the World

Father, calling to mind the death your Son endured for our salvation, his glorious resurrection and ascension into heaven (not questioning the Catholicity of this statement), and ready to greet him when he comes again, we offer you in thanksgiving this holy and living sacrifice (again, fully Catholic, it is a sacrifice). Look with favor on your Church’s offering, and see the Victim whose death has reconciled us to yourself. Grant that we, who are nourished by his body and blood, may be filled with his Holy Spirit, and become one body, one spirit in Christ. May be make us an everlasting gift to you and enable us to share in the inheritance of your saints (Saints), with Mary, the (ever)virgin Mother of God, with the apostles, the martyrs, and all your saints, on whose constant intercession we rely for help.
Lord, may this sacrifice, which has made our peace with you, advance the peace and salvation of all the world (in other words, may this sacrifice help get those outside of the Church into it, super-Trads try to make this point into something Protestant, understand it in light of what the Church teaches). Strengthen in faith and love your pilgrim Church on earth; your servant, Pope {Benedict}, our Bishop {name of local bishop}, and all the bishops, with the clergy and the entire people your son has gathered here before you (strengthen the Laity, good point). In mercy and love unite all your children wherever they may be (could be understood as something protestant, should say something more precise like: in mercy and love unite all your children in the Faith that comes from You). Welcome into your kingdom our departed brothers and sisters, and all who have left this world in your friendship (i.e. Those in the state of grace when they died. Again, we as Catholics have NEVER BELIEVED that all Protestants go to hell after they die. However, this point along with the others should be clarified..Welcome into your Kingdom our departed brethren and those who are in the state of grace). We hope to enjoy for ever the vision of your glory (totally valid, Heaven isn’t guaranteed for us, especially since we have the fullness of Truth, we’ll be judged much harder), through Christ our Lord, from whom all good things come.

Through him, with him, and in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, for ever and ever.


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