Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | March 17, 2008

More things I’m banning when I’m a priest

The ever popular stuff I’m banning when I’m ordained continues..

2. OCP
3. GIA
4. Songs written by protestants
5. Standing for Communion (if you’re physically able to kneel)
6. Faith Formation (code for no Catechesis)
7. Anything other than Holy Water in the Holy Water Font (you will not have to BYOHW)
8. “It’s a pleasure to greet each and everyone of you” (the 70’s are over)
9. Options B and C for the Penetential Rite.
10. EP II
11. Mass of Creation (so over played, I’m sick of it)
12. Haugen-Haas
13. Guitars, Drums, or any other non-Liturgical Insturments
14. Leaving before the Final Blessing.
15. Lifeteen Liturgies
16. ……add to the list


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