Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 16, 2008

Today’s Papal Mass

Go here to the USCCB entry and comment (even though it will be deleted):

Fr. Z as usual has great analysis of the catastrophe that was today’s Papal Mass at National’s Park, he’s said a lot, let me add more.

This is the time of year when the radical Traditionalists come out and start bashing the NO Mass. They start saying the only valid Mass is the TLM, or look at the NO that’s all allowed. We need to get somethings straight.

1. The Holy Father did NOT do any Liturgical Abuses 🙂 the abuses came from the choir (adding the extra Alleluia after the Gospel, horrible attempt in intoning the Gloria, Broadway tunes for Mass, (it should count that having to sing at that Mass was a Liturgical Abuse)

2. The horrible music had nothing to do with the Mass (as the propers are in the GR (Graduale Romanum)…more less liberal people who wanted to put an in your face to the Holy Father.

It is a sad day to have to listen to this Mass and show this to the world. I apologize personally for the horrors we’ve caused your eardrums with this Mass. How hard would it have been to use the propers from the GR? How hard would it have been to READ SPIRIT OF THE LITURGY? This Mass only proves one thing, we are silly Americans who don’t know better….my dog could have planned a better Mass than this. (Really, he could have)


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