Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 29, 2008

Modesty 101 with Joe

Welcome to Modesty 101…I’m Joe and I will be teaching you all the things you were never taught in your classes about Modesty.

Things that we must understand about Modesty before we begin.
1. It applies to BOTH guys and girls (although generally a different term is used when taking about male modesty)
3. It is by modesty that you will be noticed for who you are, not what a person sees.

a. definition Modesty: being free from vanity, boastfulness, regard for behavior in speech, dress, simplicity.

For the girls it means the following:

1. not putting on so much make-up that we guys would confuse you for a Lego building.
2. not looking at yourself 24/7
3. accepting who you are looks wise
4. not having shorts shorter than St. Jerome’s temper (which was REALLY SHORT)
5. respecting yourself enough, not to show guys your “features”, but rather to dress more conservatively
6. There are many others to list, but for entry’s sake, I’m keeping it short

For the guys it means the following:

1. not objectifying women by comparing them to the Hollywood celebrities
2. by calling women names that respect their dignity (i.e. not chic, hot thang, sex toy, etc)
3. by being the same around the guys that you are around her friends.
4. by respecting women to know when they say no, it means no.
5. There’s more, but again, for times sake

I’m going to split this into both genders, starting with the girls.

Questions I’d like you (the girls) to think about.

1. If How you dress is a reflection of who you are, what are you saying when you wear short shorts and shirts that show off cleavage?

2. Mass is the Holy Sacrifice at Calvary made present before us…when you wear dress that takes away from this action (such as above), what are you saying indirectly about Jesus?

3. What does it mean if you’re leading the opposite gender to sin? (ref Lk 17, 1-3)

Questions for the guys to think about

1. What are you saying about a girl when you are comparing her to a person who is like 1% of the population (i.e. celebrities)?

2. Do you REALLY want a girl who is “easy” and has no respect for herself?

I ask kindly that you ponder upon these questions, i shall continue later on this topic.


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