Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | May 24, 2008

For those of you at St. Lorenzo’s wondering what will it take to make me return

The question that was most recently brought up by a few friends of mine was this; would you go back to your old parish and teach there again?

I don’t believe anyone is outside of the ability to forgive. I believe that people do make mistakes, and believe that when contrition is shown that full forgiveness should be granted. I also believe that if you let someone fall to heresy, that you’re participating in it yourself.
Therefore, is it possible that I come back to my old parish? Yes, it’s possible.

The question, what under what conditions would I come back?

1. Is that I’m able to teach traditionally WITHOUT BEING persecuted for it. It’s not that it’s impossible to teach with the teachers on a different page than myself. It’s just much harder to do so. I will not compromise the Faith for any reason whatsoever, whether it be their entertainment, their appeasement, whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, the Truth is the Truth.

.2. I will absolutely NOT work with anyone else but M, as this person is like minded with myself and has the philosophy to work with me. If that request can not be met. I will ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO REASON COME BACK. I to this day, feel disrespected by all involved in the process of ridding of myself, and the other teachers that were by the book walking the narrow road. I REFUSE o have what happened to me last year happen again.

3. I will only allow Fr. H’s input into my class. (and my TA of course). I have my reasons for this request. Unlike the rest of the parish, these 3 people I trust enough to give me opinions.

4. The Catechism, the Bible, and the Magisterium will be my curriculum. period. I will not use any textbooks. I will copy pages that I want to use for my classes. Only the works of Pope Benedict, JP II, other Popes, and the writings of the Saints will be used in my class as teaching material. None of this “Jesus loves you, and I don’t need to learn about him BS that has been there forever”
5. My students will be required to go to a Latin Mass. PERIOD!

6. I thou shalt be allowed to determine whether my students should move on or not. AND NO ONE! is allowed to override my decision. As none of you are directly involved with my class, and can not place opinion on what’s going on (and nor will you for that matter, because I’m not going to allow what happened last year to happen again)
7. While I do not expect the other teachers to teach like myself, they should be held to some sort of standard of minimum knowledge. They should KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, and TEACH THE TRUTH

8. All (the teachers) should sign the OATH AGAINST MODERNISM as promulgated by Pope St. Pius X.

9. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated with REVERENCE and DEVOTION, and not a hap clappy Protestant feast, and gets cleaned of Liturgical Abuses

If those conditions are met, I will be able in good conscience to come back, otherwise, I can not in good conscience be there.


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