Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 22, 2008

Interior vs. Exterior participation.

Both of these methods of participation are intertwined and can not be separated from one another.

We use the exterior participation to help our interior participation.

Eg: Interiorly we believe that Jesus is Present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. To affirm this belief we treat the Eucharist differently by receiving on our tongues, genuflecting to the Host. Even by kneeling when we receive Communion. These exterior actions (parts) help us to interiorly believe the reality or the mystery of Faith.

Eg 2: The silence of a Low Mass is supposed to be reflective of how Christ came in a quiet manner, born in a manger. (Ref Lk 2). For 30 years God “hid” learning the trade of carpentry from St. Joseph, dwelling among us. Then for the final 3 years he does the ministry of the Kingdom of God. Now I’ve only been to one Low Mass (private Mass), I did enjoy the experience. It was hard because of what interiorly it asked of you.

Everything that you see in the Church should draw you towards interior participation. The Church is built up to draw the mind to God. You see the statue of the Saints to draw your mind to the Communion of Saints. All these help foster interior participation. (Although now and days with the wreckovations in Churches you no longer have this beauty to draw your mind to. The Horizontalness has been increased by a subtraction of the sacred)

The chief element must be an interior participation, so that through Him, with Him, in Him we can express exteriorly the interior reality. Our hearts and minds must be united to God in the HSOTM. One does not exist without the other.

(While I”m at it, the only external gestures by us the lay faithful during Mass are the striking of the breast at mea culpa (3x), bowing (incarnatus est), kneeling (consecration and after the Agnus Dei) and genuflection (before Communion)….so none of this copying the priest madness got it?)


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