Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 25, 2008

Liturgy of Sodom and Gahmora…..(I couldn’t resist)

disclaimer: This is not a support for the abomination that has gone in California, but rather an attempt to have a bit of fun making out the “Liturgy of the Supreme Court”

(co): court official
(ppl): people.

Opening: We gather in the name of sodom, gomorrah and barrack obama…(ppl): yay

(co) obama be with you….(ppl): you too.

tolernce (ppl and co): I confess to myself, you, and barrack obama, that everything is a okay. There is nothing that is my fault, or your fault, or the government’s fault. (3 claps). I ask barrack obama to help the government pay for everything i need.

(co): May barrack obama help pay our needs make everything okay. (ppl): cool

(co and ppl) obama be our hope (2x)

(co) : big government, you help make us poor by spending all money on us and by promoting gay marriage. help us continue to be poor. we ask this through barrack obama. (ppl): okay

(reader) a reading from the Ca. Supreme Court…..(ppl): we agree.

Some tune is played here. ..insert dancers.

(co) obama be with you: (ppl): you too
(co) good words from barrack obama (ppl): let us faint….(co): obama (ppl): lay fainted.

some 70’s tune is being played.

happy are you barrack obama, through your taxes we have this bag of crap to give.
happy are you barrack obama through your taxes we have this recycled water to give.

barrack obama is our hope. we expect him to help us live better in spite of our stupidity. Our own ignorance has led us to him. let sing glory to him by singing.

insert: better all the time (the obama flag drops)

We would now like all couples to come to the desk…barrack will be here shortly.

(barrack): I don’t know why I’m here, but vote for me, and i’ll be your hope

Our government, who is in DC, perfect you are. your will be done everywhere. give us health care, and food, and love everyone as we do too. lead us into temptation and evil for power and glory is the governments forever.

may big government make you happy, in sodom, gomorrah and barrack obama. (ppl) okay


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