Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 28, 2008

6 years on 06-29-08

This Sunday, on the Feast day of Ss. Peter and Paul, While for many of you this will be a time to rejoice. for it marks the beginning of the Pauline year, the time when hopefully the FSSPX will respond positively to the Holy See’s requests for full recognition of the Papacy, for myself, not so much.

It is on this very day at 3:00 pm that my mother died. 6 years ago, on that very day Sunday.
This is the cross that will always bear the most meaning for me. I don’t often speak of this cross that I have, it something that I prefer to keep to myself.

I often times say one of my biggest faults is that I care for others too much to want to take on things for them. Let me explain what I mean. I as a person don’t want to see people suffer (well none of us do I hope, if you do, then I don’t know what to say about you)…and part of that is I don’t tend to let people participate in my sufferings with me. (You’d think as a Catholic I’d understand that well, but it’s something that I struggle with, in otherwords, too stubborn for my own good)…This is why you don’t see me asking for help the vast majority of the time. (This is where your prayers for me would come in nicely)

I know that my mother would have been proud of my growth in my Faith. She was the one that encouraged me to be involved with the Church (of course when you’re younger it seems like force, haha). My Confirmation was the last major event in my life that she was at. I’ll be honest and say that me in HS, i didn’t really care about being Catholic, and just showed up because I had to. I now realize that without the Church where would I be?

I humbly ask that you keep my the repose of my mother’s soul in mind in particular this weekend. As well as keep me in your prayers this weekend, as I’ll be serving at the altar offering Mass on my mother’s intention.

This week has brought back the horrors of going through suffering for the most part by myself. It has brought back the memory of my best friend abandoning me at this particular time of need.

I also ask that you keep her heart in your intentions as well that it softens and comes to realize the damage that was done.

I will be at my mother’s grave early on Sunday Morning around 9 or 10 in the morning. Offering a Rosary for her the repose of her soul.

My mother’s grave is located at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Rowland Heights. (I don’t know the exact address of the top of my head). If you’re feeling brave and want to join me in the morning.

My thanks to all of you whom are my friends, and also to those of you that will be coming to the Gregorian Rite Mass at 1pm at St. Thérèse Catholic Church in Alhambra.

Benedicat vos ominipotens Deus


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