Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 7, 2008

On equality

Among my many occupations besides for Liturgical Policeman and Armchair theologian, are being a physics and math teacher. One of my favorite lessons to teach is on Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion, I know many of you aren’t into physics or math for that manner, but you’ll understand why I bring this lesson up later….when I actually get to the point of the lesson. (I would have liked to have copied my own handwritten notes on the subject, but since the scanner isn’t working, you’ll just have to bear with my typing.

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion states: acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the Force and inversely proportional to the mass.

as an equation this would be written as follows: a = ΣF/m

(the bolded letters are something in physics we call vectors normally when you see them written they’d be written with an arrow over the top of the letter)

a is acceleration, ΣF is the sum of the forces acting on a body and m is the mass (not to be confused with Mass which is the Holy Sacrifice upon Calvary made anamnesis)

In many textbooks you will see this written as ΣF = ma

This is not correct for the main reason that they are NOT THE SAME THING PHYSICALLY! (They are mathematically equivalent, but that’s it)

What really is going on is that from the fact that Forces are acting on the body, there RESULTS a mass times acceleration.

In other words Force causes acceleration and NOT VISE VERSA.

Eg: If I was to push something twice as hard, it would accelerate twice as quickly. However if something was to accelerate twice as quickly it would not mean that it was pushed twice as hard.

Make sense? (If I can upload the video from my lecture this would make more sense as well)

Now to demonstrate my point of what I was talking about how ma is not a force.

Centripetal Force is defined as mv^2/r. Centripetal force does not exist, It always is in the form of something else, whether its normal, or weight, or component of a force.

There is also centrifugal force which also doesn’t exist which is really form of inertia (mass).

There are many other forces that don’t exist.

Obeying the principle of contradiction, we see that each of these examples contradict the F = m formula, thus F is not physically the same thing as ma.

Some of you are wondering, what does this have to do with equality?

Well, the point was that just because something is mathematically the same, doesn’t mean that it’s physically the same thing.

Now onto the point of this discussion.

Man and woman are the same before God in of the fact that they are both sons and daughters before God. That’s it. This does NOT mean that man and woman are the same.

Eg: Men produce sperm, women don’t. Men aren’t emotional generally, women are. Women can have kids, men can not.

Whoever told you that men and women could do the exact same things, was lying to you. 🙂

Let’s take a look at the example of altar girls.

Eg: Now can girls perform the same physical functions as the boys? Of course, in some cases they can do it better than the boys. The genuflections and postures required during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are pretty easy, most anyone can do them.

Now should they serve on the altar? NO! Why not? Isn’t it a matter of equality? no, it’s not. You can not substitute man and women into functions interchangeably and expect the same thing. For one the Church has not and never will ordain women. There is no possible way for women to be alter Christus, as it requires both the ability to say (which they can easily do) and matter (which last I checked, they’re not a man). It sends the wrong message to allow women serving at the altar, it’s just like teasing them. Ooooo, I seee, Mommy or Daddy, can I do that? And then their dreams are knocked down when the parents have to say no. Once women were allowed on the altar the vast majority of males left, why? It’s now a girly thing to do, we all know that guys don’t like it when girls are in their spots (when they’re younger anyway)

The question becomes what do we do with them? Do we “demote” them to ironing linens? Well, I personally think this is bit stereotypical and that they shouldn’t be forced into such a situation. I think that it’d be great for them to have women religious contemplatives (like my friends the Carmelites) for them to shadow, and to show them that their vocation is equal in dignity (every Man needs a good woman, this is why the nuns were usually established BEFORE the priestly religious orders). I’d perhaps also suggest a schola of all women it’d be a blessing for the Church to have good music, and giving Gregorian Chant the pride of place it deserves (the Poor Clares of perpetual Adoration are a great example). By no means should we stereotype women to ironing Church linens and the vestments for the priests, (although for those that want to go for it).

There are tons of situations where there is no way to substitute a man for a woman. However, I don’t want to sit and blog on all of them for tonight.

Equality means that physically and mathematically (or mechanically) the function can be done without losing any meaning in what’s going on.

I’m sick and tired of people using equality as an excuse to justify Church matters.


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