Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 27, 2008

In Honor of HV

Disclaimer: cruel language in portions.

In Physics when we deal with quantities we have an initial and a final point. For example if I was to say the change in velocity was 2 m/s that would mean that v – v0 = 2 m/s.

There must always be an initial quantity in order for there to exist a change (even if it is zero)

Using this, let us come to the realization.

1. That without Life, no other issues can exist. Life is the initial condition that must exist in order to have other issues.

What do I mean by this?
Think about it….How can the left want this radical immigration reform, without immigrants being in the country? (That is to say, you must have Life in order to have immigration)

How can you educate people, if there’s no one to educate?

Abortion is a moral evil and absolutely wrong, but it would not exist without Life to kill.

Since Life is the fundamental issue that makes everything else function. It is the main reason TO BE “one issue voters.” If you can’t respect the LIFE of someone who is unborn and defenseless, how in the world (or better yet, why?) would I expect you to defend my life?

There are some people who say Life doesn’t begin at conception. To which I say BULL SHIT and you know it! There is NOT ONE PERSON WHO WHEN PREGNANT REFERRING TO THEIR CHILD AS POTENTIAL FOR LIFE OR A ZYGOTE, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WILL REFER to the BABY AS THEIR CHILD! No one will contradict this theory. Why? The fact that Life begins at conception is WRITTEN ON THE HEARTS OF ALL OF US! Likewise for the guy he won’t refer to it as just a thing, it will always be referred to as a child.

Without Life, nothing exists.

In honor of that, ALL OF YOU should READ or RE-READ Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI

I realize that I hardly speak on Life Issues, tis not because I don’t find them important, but rather that is not the focus of my blog, and my writings, as those are mostly Liturgical and Doctrinal that I like to cover as a teacher and student. But I felt that last Friday being the Anniversary of Humanae Vitae, I should say a little something 🙂

Pax Vobis


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