Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 31, 2008

Well because I’ve been tagged :)

Since all the major minor blogs do this, I shall as well. I’ve been tagged by the Caveman to state the 10 things I’d like to see., well, here they are

1. The rite of deposition pulled out from the Ecclesiastical closet and used on the following Bishops: Roger Mahony, Matthew Clark, Robert Lynch,

2. The dissolving of the USCCB

3. High Masses M-F, why reserve the smells and bells for Sunday?

4. An end to the pouring of the precious Blood AFTER the consecration, that just gets on my last nerves

5. All glass chalices sent to my house, where I will then proceed to make them into a GIANT stained glass window.

6. Pass and “Fail” grades enforced in Confirmation. Let’s actually expect our kids to learn their Faith instead of entertaining them for an hour and a half

7. Destruction of the Rog Mahal, and restoration of St. Vibiana Cathedral 🙂

8. An actual Catholic Politician, not just in name only

9. A conservative actually win this upcoming election.

10. The re-naming of San Fransisco to New Sodom

I proceed to tag Rachel. Walter, and anyone else who feels like being tagged. 🙂


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