Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 3, 2008

Principles of Common sense…Reflections on the past week and a half.

1. The democratic party wants to make abortions rare, promote contraception. They also want to promote national health care. They want the government to help in all situations. They want to uplift the poor, etc.

The way that they want to achieve these goals is absolutely ridiculous. They tell you that the government’s going to help, but what they don’t tell you is how they’re going to pay for all these programs.

Now, I’m by no means an expert in biology (my majors were math and physics), but last time I checked, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get pregnant if you abstain from sex right? This is the ideal situation of course. Is everyone going to follow and be abstinent? No, even in the “good ‘ol days” there were people who were not abstinent By no means should we let the people who make mistakes destroy the moral compass of the society. As a society we are to promote the common good for all. We must all strive for holiness, even if we consistently fall short (thank you original sin).

When you put a ball on a hill (provided the critical angle is high enough), what happens, it rolls down the hill, gains momentum (angular and linear) and will keep going. There’s a saying that nothing is as good as the first time you do something. An addiction is similar to the combination of these two behaviors. You’re trying to achieve the high of the first time you did the action, and the amount of times that you do the action increase until your free will is taken away. What is happening when we promote contraception, we’re literally promoting addiction in this case to sex. There was guy in the news that just went to the hospital for a sex addiction. I firmly believe that this is due to the contraceptive culture and how sex is merely for pleasure now and days and has nothing to do with participation in the life of the Trinity and creation. Contraception ironically has the opposite effect instead of decreasing abortions? why? Contraception is not 100% of way of preventing conception. The two parties involved are NOT open to life, so thus when conception does happen, abortions will increase as a result. (I’m writing this from my head, and my notes are in my office, I’ll update this point a bit later). This addicted to sex culture that is result of contraception is perhaps the intended consequence of the democratic party, and what they want for a moral compass (i.e. moral anarchy), and if moral anarchy exists, DEMOCRACY WILL NOT WORK (hey, I didn’t say it, check with the Founding Fathers of this country)….Kiss democracy goodbye and say hello to Marxism your new form of government in the United States at this rate of moral decay.

National health care…wouldn’t it be great if we could cover everyone in America? Yes, it would be, but this is an idea that only works in theory. As the consequences of having such a system would be too great of a burden for the tax paying America. Let us assume that we do have national health care such that every one’s covered. In order to have EVERYONE covered, this would mean each person would have to have a doctor for regular check-ups. As a result there will have to be LESS DOCTORS for specialization surgeries. (those silly Canadians still come here for the real major stuff). Another thing….whose going to pay for it? Do you think these things come free? Of course not, they come from you an me, and I don’t know about you, but the government already takes away enough of the money that you earn (33%), how would you like that number to change to 50% anybody feeling the socialistic tendencies of this?

One of my students dared to ask me if I gave out extra credit for my classes. I had to laugh a little and reply, who do you think I am? the government? I don’t bail you out of situations that you’ll dig yourselves into. Your reward for doing well is a passing grade, if you don’t work, you won’t pass plain and simple. Unfortunately, too often times people dig themselves in a hole, and want the government to help out. We have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS, not achieve it (well, we won’t be achieving complete happiness in this life anyway). If the government helps you out, guess what, more taxes, yay! And now that we have national health care, let’s make that tax rate go a bit further up to 65%…..Yeps, that’s right, anyone seeing where all these policies are leading us? What needs to happen to TRULY and AUTHENTICALLY lift up the poor is teaching them the means to get up…”give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, feed him for life” is the principle to be applied. What good does it do to hand out checks and them not be used? Better they be earning THEIR OWN money than wasting ours. I could be wrong, I just highly doubt it in this situation. The government can not be and should not be responsible for your individual decisions. You are responsible for your own actions. and if you make a mistake, you must deal with the consequences. You can not have others fight your own battles that you brought upon yourself. The ONLY time the Government should help is in the case of NATURAL DISASTERS, such as Katrina and Gustav.

2. Sarah Palin is awesome and has locked my vote in for McCain for this election. Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution, plain and simple, a great candidate for any political office. Even if she’s not Catholic, better her who holds to the pro-Life position, than Biden who is Catholic who doesn’t. (Although she was baptized Catholic, if only her parents raised her in the True Faith)

3. It’s time to get the names of solid priests out, let me begin: Fr. Hyacinth Kalu (Associate Pastor St. Lorenzo’s) Fr. Jan Lundberg OCD (Pastor of my parish), Fr. Robert Elias Barcelos OCD (Associate Pastor), Fr. Roberto Pirrone (Associate Pastor St. Joseph’s). Fr. Matthew Cumberland (Pastor St. Joseph’s La Puente). Fr’s Francisco and Jesus at OLG El Monte, the OMV’s at St. Peter Chanel’s….(this list will be updated when I meet more priests in person)..Bishop Sartoris (retired from the LA Archdiocese)


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