Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 25, 2008

My return

After roughly a month of being on blog vacation. Today is my triumphant return. :)….Hopefully you all have missed me, though it’s alright if you haven’t.

The first question that every one’s going to ask me is what have I been up to during my blogging vacation? Well, many things, but I’ll have to tell you them all.

1. Through prayer, at my parish we now have an altar crucifix for all Masses said in the Ordinary Form of the Mass. Though it is small, it’s a reminder to the priest who is the primary focus at Mass. We are looking to get a bigger crucifix for the altar very soon.

2. There will be 2 major events at my parish coming up in October.

a. Source and Summit Oct 11th at my parish at 7pm. Adoration + talks = good time.

b. Talks on Spiritual Warfare, New Age, and Fr. Robert’s Conversion story On Oct 31st 7pm-4am. Mass will be at midnight (High NO Offered Ad Orientem in Latin) with all the fixtures.

3. I was at Catholic Underground on the 16th of this month. That was awesome. (Well Adoration + Liturgy of the Hours + actually funny comedian = good times, (not to mention the chance to see friends I haven’t seen in a while)

4. The YA group at St. Thérèse is always an enlightening hour and a halfish of good times, Bible Study and fellowship. I’ve had the blessed opportunity to meet Jessica, the new YM at St. Luke’s in Temple City. In the development of my good guys and girls network, it’s good to have people who think on the same page)

5. I have applied to be the Youth Minister at St. Cecilia’s in Tustin. I’ve had the chance to look at the parish website and such, and while I do see abuses that need to be corrected, I believe truly that this is a workable framework in which the vision of Pope Benedict can be accomplished.

6. To my surprise, my physics students are actually doing well. There is no one with below a 75%, either I’ve gotten much softer, or these students are more dedicated than ones in years past. I think it’s the latter of the two.

7. I’ve taken up the opportunity to become more familiar with the writings of Cardinal Ratzinger as well as St. Augustine. I’ve decided to attempt to form my theological understandings in the image of these two excellent theologians of the Church.

8. I’ve also taken the time to come up with several different power point presentations on matters in the Church. The topics I have done are: What is Confirmation?, Orientation in prayer, Latin Lessons I, II, III and Our duties in the Public Square. If you’d like copy, ask me, I’ll e-mail it to you.

9. I will be teaching Confirmation II at St. Thérèse this year and I’m extremely blessed to be in this situation. I will only have boys in my class and I’m free to present the Truth of the Church. I learned that with the situation at St. Lorenzo’s I was right to stand up for the Truth and not back down to teach heresy. Catholic orthodoxy is accepted at St. Thérèse, nothing less than the Truth is acceptable. I pray that they be open to the Holy Spirit and the Truth of the Church.

The second thing you’ll probably want to know is what I’ve been reflecting on and planning to change at the blog.

1. I will still be commenting on Issues Liturgical, Moral and Catechetical. We have seen too often that our fellow Catholics don’t even know the teachings of the Church (see Pelosi, Biden)

2. Every Month starting in October, I’ll focus in on a different book of the Bible. I’m very exegetic in my nature of writing, so we’ll be studying how teach book relates to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. (In other words a Liturgical Bible study, but not based upon the readings at Mass, but how each reading can be seen in the Mass)…I will probably be starting on a little used book, the letter of St. Jude.


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