Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 21, 2008

Ambiguity and the result

One of the most important lessons that I’ve ever learned in being a teacher is to make CLEAR ALL of your instructions, whether written or oral because kids will always try to find loopholes in whatever you do.

I remember a few years back, when I was teaching algebra i gave a simple inequality x-2 < 6. The instructions were to show all work, then graph. A kid then proceeded to draw the graph for x + 4 < 0. (I wanted the number line graph). I had to give him full credit even though it wasn't the graph I wanted because of my not so clear instructions.

Applying that to today’s lesson. what happens when something is ambiguous?

One of the big deals in Ca is Prop 8. Which defines Marriage between a man and a woman and makes it constitutional amendment for Ca. That’s it. It does not take away from the “rights” that same sex couples have here in Ca already.

If Prop 8 wasn’t to pass, it would leave marriage as undefined. So called party “a” and party “b”

What happens if we leave it as party “a” and party “b?”

Some think that nothing’s going to happen. That the only people who are going to get married are homosexual couples. This is not going to happen. What exactly is party a, it’s ambiguous. Whose to say that a man and a tree can’t get married? or a woman and her purse? These may sound like extreme scenarios, but this is exactly what is going to happen since you have something that is undefined.

We need only look at our Church for examples of what happens when things aren’t explicitly defined. All this SOVII mess happened because things were not specifically stated by the Council. There were no Church documents that said to destroy Churches, but people did them anyway. The same thing that saved the council was the same mistake they made by not clearly defining parameters.

We must therefore define Marriage between a man and a woman. NOT because it’s a religious point of view, NOT because we’re discriminating, but because it’s by this very definition that society is able to function. Without it, society falls apart.


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