Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 24, 2008

Today’s thought of the day…

Disney’s destroying kids’ minds, and here’s how I got there.

1. HSM 3: You and I both know if the star of the sports team went out for a musical, he would of had the stuffing beat out of him. (And I would of been the first to do it). There’s a girl trying to sabotage a relationship between this boy and another girl, and the boy still cares about his friends (I really need not teach HS freshman anymore, the only reason I actually know this)…

2. With is up with all the singers? Get real about 95% of the population has zero talent whatsoever, and of the 5% that do, 99% aren’t all that great anyway. Put yourself in a real career: the only job where you have to pay to go: college. This is the problem when you think with your right side of the brain, you get into dreams you can’t accomplish. (This is not to say the right side isn’t useful, but just recognize who you are and what your talents are and are not)

3. Many if not all of the kids do not have the knowledge to discern fiction from reality, nor do they have the ability to recognize what is REALLY being pushed on them. Whether it’s variations of the new age/magic/occult movement, or that it’s okay to divorce and re-marry, or even it’s okay to be full of yourself and make yourself a goddess. Don’t believe me? Watch the channel and come back to me trying to prove me wrong :), you won’t 😉


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