Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 26, 2008

This is for all of my "no" on prop 8 people.

Consider this a free lesson on why you don’t completely understand what you are saying…

In order for their to be equality BOTH sides must be the same. There is such a thing as mathematical equality (that is to say numerically they are the same) and physical equality (something is physically the same).

In the equation 2x -2 = 2. Are both sides the same? well, they’ve been physically been equated by an equal sign, but they are NOT mathematically the same. 2x – 2 is an algebraic expression. 2 is a numeric expression. Algebraically speaking, they are two different things, correct?

How does this apply to real life? Let’s take a look at “gay marriage.”

Couples practicing homosexuality are allowed to do the following according to Ca Law.
leave wills and entitlements
health coverage

Normal couples in heterosexual relations are able to do the following
leave wills and entitlements
health coverage

That is to say, mathematically, they have already been equated as exactly the same thing. Let me say that again for those of you liberals who didn’t understand my language….You ALREADY HAVE “equality” under the law.

What you are REALLY saying is you want to RE DEFINE Marriage as between any two parties. Marriage since the beginning of time has ALWAYS been defined as between a man and a woman.

What you are trying to say is M + W = M + M or W + W.

Obviously this is NOT true, physically speaking man and woman are different.

You’d never tell a man to wear pads, a dress, or go into labor, why?

Because man can not physically perform these functions (though they could in theory wear pads and dresses, I’d just question the manhood of them, or they’d be just like the “sisters” of perpetual indulgence. )

Likewise you’d never tell a woman to go take viagra, levitra, or go have the child breast feed off the man (sorry for all these my brain is a bit dead this morning, but you get the point)..simply put woman can’t take these medicines, or allow the man to be the “breast feeder.”

Point being, what you are REALLY saying to the Californian people on Prop 8 you “cooperators in a moral evil” is that man and woman are physically the same being, clearly BIOLOGY tells you this is not the case, so why are you trying to put it into law?


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