Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 28, 2008

I just had to post this up

Larry over at Acts of the Apostasy has some great ideas for lay committees that SHOULD be involved with parish life.

If the parish wants me to get more involved, then here’s a few ministries and committees they ought to form:

1) Ministry of Appropriate Dress and Modesty

2) The Fingerfood and Beverages Are Not Allowed In Church Committee

3) Same Goes For Toddler Toys and Mattel Hotwheels On The Pew Forum

4) You’re In The House Of God Not A Meeting Hall So Show Proper Reverence Commission

5) The Mass Is Ended When The Priest Says “The Mass Is Ended” And Not A Moment Before Committee (a subcommitte of the Proper Reverence Commission)

6) Bowing and Genuflecting Seminar (an outreach of Proper Reverence)

7) Department of Spiritual Warfare

8) The Rightly Formed Conscience Committee

9) Let The Children Stay With Me For The Whole Liturgy Ministry

+ my own

10) The secular music isn’t allowed in Church commission.

11) The if you’re not wearing proper liturgical garb, get the heck out the sanctuary commission


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