Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 5, 2008

My advice to president Hussien

Dear president Hussien:

My name is Joe of St. Thérèse. Obviously I didn’t vote for you, but I have some advice on how you can not make those of us that didn’t vote for you angry and end up coming for your head.

1. Ca, Fla, and Az ALL passed laws BANNING gay marriage. I wouldn’t try to push anything on the homosexual agenda. The will of the people is clear. We don’t want it taught, we don’t want it recognized in state Law. You thus should not try to do anything on the federal level.

2. About that whole re-distribution of wealth. We’re kind of in a RECESSION which means making taxes higher than they already, not a very good idea. If you do decided to increase the taxes on businesses and such, guess who are going to be the ones who get fired…the ones who voted for you. Therefore as a thank you gift to the people who voted for you, you shouldn’t raise taxes on anyone.

3. Meeting with dictators without pre-conditions, Kim Jong il will have you dead. (Hey, remember no pre-conditions, since you didn’t say he couldn’t bring a gun….) Keep your mouth shut and don’t tell people what you’re going to do. This will only lead to your exploitation on the international stage.

4. Since you said you’re going to pay for my mortgage, provide me a flat screen tv, an ipod, you better back it up. I expect the flat screen and the ipod before March of next year.

Follow these 4 points and you won’t have me knocking at your door at 2 in the morning 🙂

I’ll pray for your conversion in the meantime

Joe of St. Thérèse


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