Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 11, 2008

USCCB: Learn from your brother Bishops in South America

taken from zenit with my comments.

Point to Canon Law

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, NOV. 10, 2008 ( Uruguayan bishops are recalling that those who vote in favor of abortion exclude themselves from communion with the Church.

The prelates appealed to canon law in recalling the Catholic position on abortion during their Nov. 5-12 plenary assembly.

In a communiqué Friday, the bishops responded to a bill regarding “reproductive and sexual health” currently under consideration.

They cited a declaration from last year, titled, “In Defending Human Life, All of Us Win.” There, the prelates affirmed, “Legalizing abortion doesn’t change bad into good. Once it is made concrete, things go badly for everyone. A human life is lost. The mother ends up with wounds that do not easily heal. The doctor goes against the essence of his noble profession. Society loses a life because of not opening its arms to receive it. The culture of life is attacked.”

The bishops go on to say that no “honest law can justify the elimination of a defenseless being who has the right to life and to be born (That’s right, a law based upon emotion is not a law worth having. Life is the beginning of everything, without it, what do you have?).”

Regarding Catholics who promote and/or vote for laws in favor of abortion, they recalled that such a person breaks the link that unites them to Christ and the Church (hear that USCCB?). While he remains committed to this position, the bishops affirmed, he is impeded from approaching Eucharistic Communion, according to what is established in the Code of Canon Law, canons 1341 and 1398 (they didn’t even have to use 915 CIC 1341: An ordinary is to take care to initiate a judicial or administrative process to impose or declare penalties only after he has ascertained that fraternal correction or rebuke or other means of pastoral solicitude cannot sufficiently repair the scandal, restore justice, reform the offender, CIC 1398: A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication. Let me help you out USCCB: You sent the statements correcting Biden, Pelosi, and the others, now it’s time for the punishment)


“Uruguayans need to multiply the signs of favor for human life in the midst of emigration and the demographic winter that compromises our future,” the prelates concluded. “The well-being of our people requires sons and daughters to bring joy to homes, to fill the classrooms and playgrounds. We are in favor of the integral development of human life, which as Catholic bishops we see from the perspective of Jesus Christ, who came to the world to bring worthy and abundant life.”


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