Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 14, 2008

Put up or shut up time Bishops of America :)

The 2 days of pain better known as the USCCB meetings in Baltimore bring for me pure boredom and sometimes they bring out the same solution to the age old problem of pro-abortion politicians. Here’s my cleverly crafted genius solution to their problems without the need of Canon Law

Dear Episcopate:

I’m a confused layman named Joe of St. Thérèse. The pro-abortion politicians that have received Communion has caused lots of us lay people scandal. Here are my premises and solutions.

1. Being in public allows for you to be seen by the Faithful. As Catholics in the public square your actions especially must reflect that of the Church.
2. Several Catholics have distorted Church teaching. Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, and countless others. Their public stance has caused confusion to the Faithful that don’t know any better. (which impart to horrible catechesis the past 40 years since the council infamously known as Vatican II is to blame).
3. You the Bishops’ have corrected these politicians by stating the true teaching of the Church and have called them to conversion. (Well, at least the good ones did)
4. The above in 2, have continued in their stance against Church teaching by promoting policies of promoting abortion, ESCR
5. To allow the people in 2 to receive Holy Communion would be partaking in their sin by way of consent. To allow them to continue in their stance without conversion is by default saying that you approve of their actions.
6. None of the following in 2 can say to be ignorant of Church teaching. There have been corrective statements, there is the Catechism, and various means to get the true teaching.

Therefore your solutions to the problem are the following
1. DENY any in 2 Holy Communion until they PUBLICLY REPENT OF THEIR SIN. The reason being, that these actions are being committed in the public square. There is NO OTHER WAY possible of repentance due to the confusion of the Faithful.
2. PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATE THE OFFENDERS…though by the acts in of themselves they are excommunicated (latae sententiae)…the public excommunication might be the wake up call the people to help them realize their sin.

Not doing any of the solutions allows for the following
1. SCANDAL and confusion of the Faithful. What is it saying that those in the public square can commit an act of MORTAL SIN IN PUBLIC and receive JESUS? (well, it’s really their own condemnation, ask St. Paul (1 Cor 11, 27-29)) It’s a slap in the face to those of us who actually try and follow the Church’s teachings and when we fail we head straight for the confessional. It’s like we can sin all we want anyway. We might as well be protestant if that’s the case.
2. You participate in the very sin by way of consent, by silence, by defense of the ill done and by praise or flattery. The reason being that you allowed them to sin without consequence in public. Anytime that you honor one of these politicians, you’re allowing something else to cover for the sins they’ve done in public.
3. God judging you accordingly.

I do not feel that I’m judging in this instance. As the actions are reflective of this and in need of this rebuking. It’s put up or shut up time…You can say that you’re defending Life from the moment of conception, but you can not say so when you consent in their very actions by not denying them Communion before their public penance.

Pax Tecum

Joe of St. Thérèse


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