Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 17, 2008

Thinking out loud

Since thinking inside your head is bad for you, I’ve decided to think out loud. I must make the following disclaimers though.

a. Any resemblance of you to any of the people not mentioned by named is to be considered purely coincidental. If you think it’s you, it’s not. If you know it’s you, it’s still not.

b. There is no sequence to these thoughts.

c. The more you analyze, the more confused you’ll be, so don’t.

1. Just because I’m discerning, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have emotions or feelings towards other people. I’m not a emotionless robot just there for run through motions and repeat them. For those of you wondering…yes, there does exist a person who has my attention. b. no, I will not tell you her name. c. the person sworn to secrecy is still sworn to it 😉 d. yes, I’ve been praying for this person since I have met her. e. Yes, it is the same person I talked about in my blog. f. Yes, I have thought about starting my own religious order. g. and no, she’s not on my facebook (purposely)

2. Our priests need our prayers more than ever. There’s a priest in South Carolina who stood up in the face of opposition and said no Communion for Obama supporters until you reconcile in the Sacrament of Penance. It’s a difficult task to be politically incorrect in today’s society…White martyrdom leads to red martyrdom…

3. Yes, I that was me you saw at inspiration last weekend. no, I did not promote liturgical conservatism (though I SHOULD have). Yes, I thought the music for outside of Mass was good. Yes, I had a good time and no, my viewpoints didn’t change.

4. If you don’t need to show a real birth certificate to become president of the United States….I’ve decided to run in 2012. Pro-Constitution, Pro-LIFE, Pro-Common Sense. Common sense solutions for today’s problems. No, I will promote totalitarianism, but I WILL lower taxes 🙂

5. Today’s FYI, In the Latin text of the Novus Ordo, the Mysterium Fidei refers to the previous. That is the Consecration as the mystery of Faith. Unfortunately the “geniuses” down at ICEL translated Mysterium Fidei as “Let us proclaim the mystery of Faith” when it should just be “The Mystery of Faith” Think about that next time you’re at Mass.

6. If you REALLY want inclusiveness, you should do more things in Latin at Mass. The reason being. if you have many cultures, better to celebrate what unites than dvides them. That and most people here in America don’t know 5 languages like our European counterparts who apparently have this education thing 3/4ths right

7. Remember, genuflections are acts of adoration….made by the right knee touching the ground (yes, that’d be the hard floor, i know, it sucks) and the back being straight. It is much easier to do when your legs have more separation.

8. Obama’s offering job’s in the government…I say we apply for the position of ambassador to the Holy See and get out of here ;)..Rome on the governments’ dime, it can’t be any better 😉


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