Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 20, 2008

Just when you thought youth were gaining intellegence, there’s my nephew.

Earlier on this blog I have expressed some thoughts about retaliation by the blacks for the years of oppression here

I have a almost 15 year old nephew in his freshman year of high school. What I heard him say a few weeks ago (and I addressed this to him) appalled me and brought my earlier thought to present thought.

“We have a black president now, all white people report to the cotton fields for immediate training”

Now, you tell me, is there something wrong with this statement?

Now he later told me that this was a joke, but using my powers of authoritative correction, I immediately rebuked him for the above statement.

I’m sorry, but there are somethings that you just don’t joke about this being one of them. The liberal brainwashing machine better known as public school is part of the blame for this. (I’ve spent the past few years undoing everything I’ve learned from the departments other than math and physics). I explained how this new age idea of karma is something that does not have to believed in. If someone treats you unjustly it does not mean that you are the one to return the favor. All injustices will be returned by God at His timing. (Trying to explain that to someone whose a little into himself and into the “entertainment” part of Church is a bit difficult). And this coming from a not even 15 year old. Over my dead body will he ever say that again in front of me. People deserve their dignity no matter what race they are, no matter what injustices were done in the past. Learn, grow, forgive, move on, get over it.


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