Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 30, 2008

Thought of the day

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Roman Catholic (what about our Eastern Brethren?) priests have been banned from using ‘heterosexist’ language (PC 1, Modernism 101) in their churches in case they offend (i.e. teach the Gospel of Christ) gay worshippers.

They have been told by their bishops (and whichever bishops’ said it need to be fired) not to assume that every churchgoer is a heterosexual and to reflect this ‘in language and conversation’ (Let me help: Just speak the Gospel of Christ, it doesn’t matter what orientation someone is the Gospel of Christ is for everyone).

‘Remember that homophobic jokes and asides can be cruel and hurtful (you’re not even supposed to have a joke in a homily anyway) – a careless word can mean another experience of rejection and pain (yes, unfortunately, words bring back memories for some people. People mention Helen’s name to me all the time, yes, it brings back memories, yes it brings back pain, but by no means should I forbid you from saying the word),’ say the bishops in a leaflet advising priests and worshippers how to be more welcoming (i.e. non-authentic source of community) to gay people.

Pope Benedict XVI

Activists say any moves by the Catholic Church to be more tolerant of homosexuality are undermined by Pope Benedict XVI’s opposition to gay marriage (Tolerance does NOT mean acceptance of the sin)

Priests are also encouraged to put up posters advertising ‘support services’ for homosexuals (not happening in my parish anytime soon), a move bound to infuriate many Catholics who believe gay sexual activity to be sinful (yeah, that Catechism, still says it’s a sin, the Bible, yeah, that too).

The advice was welcomed by gay rights (right, singular, their only right is to be treated with dignity and respect. And support them in trying to overcome SSA…that’s it, all else shouldn’t be in the discussion) campaigner Peter Tatchell as a ‘positive initiative which will bring great comfort to gay Catholics and their families’ (families? the webster’s definition is man + woman + children = family).

He said: ‘Its sympathetic, understanding message is a big improvement on the past homophobia of some Catholic pronouncements on homosexuality (LOL, calling homosexuality a sin isn’t homophobia, that’s teaching the Gospel of Christ, which is exactly what we were commanded to do).’

However, he said the ‘laudable change of tone’ was undermined by the ‘homophobic content of the Catholic Catechism (what are you going to do, sue the Holy Spirit?)‘ and by Pope Benedict XVI’s (don’t forget about me ;)) opposition to gay marriage.

The advice was criticised by Lynette Burrows, a Catholic commentator, as ‘pitiful’.

She said it was ridiculous that Church leaders appeared to be ‘ grovelling’ (this is called MODERNISM, a HERESY) to a secular agenda.

‘It is things like this that are enfeebling the Church at the moment – the concentration on things that don’t matter and missing the things that do,’ she said (Right out the modernist textbook, you’re right).

‘What is pitiful as well as demeaning is that the Church is running after homosexual opinion but nothing is going to make homosexuals like the Catholic Church (I agree, the Church isn’t a democracy).

‘This is because the Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is a disorder and whatever the bishops say will not change that (you know it :)).’


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