Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 19, 2008

Marriage: is it a right?

The poll that I just placed up recently had 17 votes, and among them 2 said that it was and 15 said that it wasn’t.

I hope that the very brief clarification helped, if it didn’t, maybe this post will clear everything up.

Prop 8 that passed in California by hair of its chinny chin chin (but nonetheless passed) defined Marriage as between a man and a woman without taking away any civil rights that homosexuals already had within the Ca.

Let us take a look at the definition of the word right: that which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles, etc

An example of this would be the right to Life, why is this a right, it’s something that comes naturally everyone has a just claim to life.

The answer to the question is that marriage is NOT a right, why?

The reasons are quite obvious.
1. Marriage involves the consent of 2 parties. (For the sake of this example let’s say homosexual marriage exists). Party A asks Party B to marry. Party B has the right to say yes OR NO. The latter making Marriage not a right. Any time that something in terms of a contractual status can be rejected, it should not be considered a right. This is why you do NOT have a right to a job as the employer is free to reject you at their command. It’s irrelevant who the party is for the sake of this discussion, who says that the person that you propose to is even going to say yes to begin with?
2. There are constraints on it. The constraints that everyone has to play by are exactly the same. That you have a man, a woman, the parties agree, a witness, (for a Sacramental Marriage) that the people never have been married before (remember, annulment is not a Catholic word for divorce, it’s a Catholic word for nulity, or did not exist), that they not be related immediately (brother, sister, 1st cousins), (I’m sure there are other conditions, but I can not think of any at this hour, you can help my brain). If any of these conditions are not met, you do not have a marriage, period.

There are of course more reasons, but I’m much too lazy to think of them.

This is the problem with homosexual marriage, it’s not a right, just as heterosexual marriage is not a right, why should something be a right for one, when we don’t even consider it to be so? It’s a different story if Marriage were indeed a right, there’d be something to complain about. The problem with the secular is that they want us to have relative morals and standards. We’ve seen the results of relative standards, a destruction of society.

I know it sucks for those that aren’t able to meet the standards for things in life. I got rejected from Yale and Harvard when I applied, why? I didn’t meet the standards (Even though the joke is that I could of paid my way in)…But do I get bitter over it, want to file a lawsuit over it? of course not. I instead applied to where I could get into.

My advice for those of you that do not meet the standards (of any situation)

1. shut up: you whining about it isn’t going to get you anywhere (you have a right to complain if you feel that you were discriminated against because of your race, sex, orientation, yet, you have to prove that if you were (since you’re making the accusation), and something that you can’t do is judge the state of hearts)
2. work harder: so that you do meet the standards
3. get over it, repeat of 1 basically, haha,


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