Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 12, 2009

More on the Chant intensive.

My time in San Diego was a short one (Thursday and Friday of last week) for the CMAA Chant intensive. Some brief notes I’ll write down.

1. When they said intensive they weren’t kidding, Since I missed M-W, I missed a lot, so I’ll have to teach myself what went on M-W one of these days when I actually have time to read the two excellent books, the Parish book of Chant and Chant according to the Soleomes (I can’t spell, i’ll fix it later) method. From my quick read of the PBC, it is excellent, and something that I hope to incorporate into the youth Masses once I get started as a YM somewhere (whatever parish has the audacity to hire me)

2. Yet what I did learn in the 2 days of being there is beyond my explanation. There are a few pieces I can chant (as well as the ones I know from memory). The attention to detail reminds me much of why I majored in the subjects that I majored in. There’s supposed to be another thing like this in April 25-26 in San Juan Bautista, Ca, which I’m going to go to. (35 bucks much cheaper). and I hope to learn even more about the Church’s great tradition of Sacred Music.

3. I’m very thankful to my friend Jose for giving me the opportunity to go in place of him for the last few days.

4. I think that with what I’ve learned I can start a schola, but it’s going to take much work for me to direct one myself. As from what you can tell about me already I pay much attention to detail when i’m teaching, and I need to have a ridiculous command of the material, which at this time I do not. (Though I can do the Orbis Factor Kyrie from memory). For those of you that go to my parish for the TLM and find me, I’ll tell you more about it.


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