Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 14, 2009

Life and such

A quick reflection on Tradition and prudence:

One of the things I’ve learned really quickly is the matter of exercising prudence when putting Traditional view points across. In my math and physics classes I teach, I have the ability to be much “freer” since the subject matter is pretty black and white, this is how it is, too bad, suck it up if you don’t get it. Teaching the Traditional Faith while something I do not back down from, I do exercise prudence in when bring in my viewpoints. What I mean is this, I don’t disagree with any Church teachings, but rather, the lex vivendi part. An example of this: The Church has no power to ordain women, yet allows altar girls. If it was just a matter of performing a physical function, then we should have altar girls. (and for that matter women priests, again, IF it’s JUST a matter of a PERFORMING A PHYSICAL FUNCTION)…but it’s not, the theological understanding is much deeper than performing 22 genuflections during the Mass (Yes, I’ve counted, when I serve incense at Mass, I do exactly 22 genuflections) or just handing water and wine to the priest. (This entry is NOT where I’m going to discuss the theological understandings)

But the point being we have to be humble to teach what the Church teaches and not input our own opinions (where they don’t fit). Yet I must use my personal understandings in order to explain the Faith, faithfully.

I am applying for the YM position at St. Louis of France which is 10 min from my house. Using the examples above, there are MANY things I’d like to see gone at that parish, Yet I can not go over there and just overturn things right away. I have to first explain what I’m changing, why I’m changing it, what will happen when I change something, and then change it. Brick by brick, somethings I’ll quickly change, others I will not. It’s all a matter of prudence. So be patient if I do get the job.

Since I haven’t spoken much about the beloved Miss lately

Well, things are interesting to say the least. I guess Jan is one of those months where everything is all out of whack to say the least. I mean for myself starting off with a funeral at the beginning of the year (way to say happy new year, I know). She’s going to be in Arizona for about a week. And then because she has work, she will not be accompanying me to Walk for Life West Coast 2009 in San Francisco, but we talk every other day so it’s all good (I’m a good guy, when she needs to study, i let her)….And that’s all I have to say on that.

And on that note of Walk for Life West Coast

I’ll be there with St. Joe’s in Santa Ana, better known as Digi’s stomping grounds.

Anyways, I should e-mail Adoro as I promised I would.

Pax Vobis.


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